Premium Nobacco Juice Vapor4Life carries four different lines of e-liquid, also known as  €˜juice.' Premium Nobacco Juice is the first line we started selling. In addition to traditional tobacco and menthol tasting flavors, this juice is also sold in flavors like beverages, coffees, desserts, and fruits. The Premium line has a total of 90 different products. It is sold in bottles that contain 30 ml of juice. Each bottle is $12.50. WOW Vapor Juice The second line that Vapor4Life introduced is the WOW Vapor Juice. There are two main differences between this line and the Premium line. The first is that WOW Vapor has more flavor, and second, it produces more vapor. This is also sold in 30 ml bottles for $12.50 each. We currently carry 60 different flavors in this line. WOW Vapor VG Juice WOW Vapor VG came out next. This e-liquid is specially designed for people who are sensitive to PG (Propylene Glycol). VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. Both the Premium and WOW Vapor lines contain a concentration of  PG and VG - which are agents that create vapor. The majority of  the population has no problems with using PG products, as the substance is used  in everyday products such as food additives and inhalers. The WOW Vapor VG line offers six different flavors: Traditional Tobacco (formerly known as Cowboy), Wowboy, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, and 555. WOW Vapor VG is sold  in 30 ml bottles at $12.50 each. Since this kind of liquid only has VG as opposed to both VG and PG, it is slightly thicker. Nobacco Juice USA Last Fall, Vapor4Life proudly launched its fourth line of juice: the Nobacco Juice USA. Of all our juices, this one has the highest quality. These are sold  in 30 ml bottles for $19.95, and sample size 7 ml bottles for $6.50 each. There are 15 flavors in this line. Each are a blend of a few different flavors added together. With the exception of  a few, most flavors of both the Premium and WOW Vapor lines are single-blends. This means that each flavor has one taste, and is not a combination flavor. The flavors in the USA line are made of at least two or three single flavors, added together. To truly appreciate the flavors of a particular juice, one's sense of smell and taste palette must be  up to par. It is quite like wine aficionados or foodies. There is an understanding of a first impression flavor, a possible middle flavor, and the lasting taste that the e-liquid, wine, or food leaves on your tongue.

"Flavor of the Week" The longest-running promotion that Vapor4Life has ever done, is for the  Nobacco Juice USA line. Each week, for 15 weeks, one flavor is selected  as  the  "Flavor of the Week." The promotion began last week with the highly popular Java Mint, which can be  described as having a strong coffee presence, and then a mint-infused chocolate flavor as the lasting end-note. Aces & 8's is the current "Flavor of the Week." A 30 ml bottle is $5 off the normal price of $19.95. In the coming weeks, you can view the current flavor on promotion on our website in "NOBACCO  JUICE USA FLAVOR OF THE WEEK" under the category"E-CIGARETTE LIQUIDS," on the left-hand side of the screen. This promotion period is a great time to snatch up your favorite Nobacco Juice USA flavors, priced under $15 apiece! Which are your favorite juices? Tell us in the comment section below. And, if you haven't tried any yet...what are you waiting for?!