PACT Act Allows Friends and Family to Ship You Vapes

Friends and Family Can Ship You Vapes

As Vapor4Life and the vaping industry adjust to the stringent regulations included in the PACT Act and deal with the loss of USPS and major shipping carriers, there is one option open to vapers who have friends, relatives or an alternative address located in a state that still can receive shipping.

An adult friend or relative can place and order. Once they have received the order, they can drop it in the mail and then ship the order to you. Vape companies are under severe restrictions from USPS but private citizens can ship up to 10 packages containing vaping products (ecigarettes, mods, pods, coils, eliquids etc.) “person to person” every 30 days. 

While such a dependent scenario may seem inconvenient, it is perfect as a temporary stop gap while the vaping industry responds to the federal government’s double barrel attack on the smoke and ash free combustible cigarette alternatives that adult vapers prefer. The law does not permit business to business or business to customer shipping of vape products using USPS, but a relative giving the gift of vaping is permitted. 

Shipping Status

Vapor4Life still ships to the following states and we hope to add many more in the coming weeks, by forging alliances with local carriers.

Currently, we can ship to the following states:

  • Illinois
  • Missouri
  • Florida
  • Mississippi
  • North Dakota
  • Arizona
  • Delaware


Order Pick-up For Midwest Customers

If you live in a state with a flavor ban, prohibits the shipping of vape products or are simply in a hurry, Vapor4Life now offers in store pickup for all Midwest customers at our Northbrook Illinois warehouse. Residents of Southeastern Wisconsin are located less than an hour away and Indiana not much further. Even Michigan is reasonable jaunt when you consider the savings you will accrue by purchasing and picking up your order.

Our address is:


4080 Commercial Drive

Suite A

Northbrook, IL 60062

With the PACT Act in place, the price of shipping has dramatically increased and we are currently unable to ship to many states. While we continue to work with local carriers and registering with states and localities, it may be another month before we are able to reach a wide swathe of the United States.

In-store pickup is also a convenient way to avoid the signature verification requirements that future orders will require starting in late March. Naturally, you will be asked for an ID but you won’t need to wait around for the mail carrier to show up.


Due to Covid-19, we are taking a number of precautions to make sure that the process is as quick and safe as possible.

Note: The option to select order pickup will appear as a shipping option at checkout. This prompt will now show up for states adjacent to Illinois. You can enter an Illinois shipping address to access this option if you are in the area but do not have a Midwest mailing address.

Due to the nature of nicotine products, you must show a valid government issued ID and the individual named on the order must be present to pick it up. Every order is verified using the cutting edge Veratad age verification software and we do not sell our products to anyone under the age of 21.


For more information on the states we ship to, check out our resource page: The Impact of the Pact Act.