variable-voltage_blog When faced with dozens of choices for a Vaping device, it’s easy to get confused.  This will help you understand why a Variable Voltage e Cig battery may be best for you. Simply put, a Zeus Variable Voltage e cig battery allows the user to vary the voltage coming from the battery from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts. Why should you care?  Four reasons:
  1. Different power levels produce different taste in each e Juice.
  2. Different power levels create a different throat hit and chest hit for each e Juice. Generally, the higher the power, the bigger the hit for each nicotine strength.
  3. Variable voltage batteries allow the user to use a wider variety of cartridges or tanks, depending on the resistance of the cartridge. Our low resistance carts are 2.2 ohms, and work best under 4.5 volts to prevent burning. Our high resistance carts have an ohm rating of 3.2, producing an optimal experience between 4 and 5 volts.
  4. Different power levels produce different levels of Vapor. Some users want to produce minimal vapor, others want to produce lots of vapor. Some of our customers like different levels of vapor depending on their mood!
When we visit with customers in our stores, the Zeus Variable Voltage customers all have their own formula for power depending on the juice they use, the cart or tank they use, the time of day, or the mood they are in. Combinations are nearly infinite! So that’s the skinny.  Try a Zeus Variable Voltage e cig battery for the ultimate control of your vaping experience.