This is a guest post written by a fire spinner from the Midwest. I got some vapemail today and was excited to try a new juice flavor, but something was odd.   This juice which was listed as a vibrant orange wasn't orange at all.   It was more of an off brown color.   I didn't want to taste the juice because I knew it was cooked. With these record high temps all over the country I want to talk with you about how to keep your juice safe from the heat.   Generally speaking the temps we are seeing throughout the country are not too dangerous to juice, unless it has been put in a vehicle or elsewhere all day where temps can reach extreme hot conditions.   I have had juice with me while camping and it has sat for four to five days in 90-95 degree heat with no problem. I've also had juice sitting in my car for 8 hours at 125-130 degrees internal temp which has caused discoloration and taste issues. High temperatures are not the only thing that can effect juice like this.   I have also seen UV light cause just as many problems.   I havn't done much research on the effect of UV light to juice but you can search ECF for information about UV effects on juice. So how can you prevent your juice from getting cooked before it reaches your hands?   Well there are a few ways: 1) Stalk your mailman: This method works really well, no time for it to sit in the mailbox and cook away. 2) Call your post office: This is the method I use, I live in a small town and have a good relationship with my mail lady.   If I have a package coming I will usually call ahead and tell them to leave it at the office for me to pick up.   This way it sits in an air-conditioned environment. 3) Leave a note on your mailbox: Ask them to place your package somewhere like your garage or shed (of course this will only work if those areas are cooler than outside environment).   I can usually do this because I live in a two-level duplex and have a common area in the rear of my house that is open.   The mail lady can put our packages there and they will stay at a nice cool 67 degrees. Other things to make note of is that you should keep your juice in a dark area in your house.   As stated above UV light does have an effect on juice and can cause discoloration and unwanted flavor changes.   So find a drawer or cabinet space and set your juices in there. Let me know how you keep your vapemail from getting cooked in the hot summer months in the comment section below. Connect with Ryan on his Whistles Photography Facebook Page and