Left: Smileomizer with 510 threading
Right: Smileomizer with 808 threading"
This is a guest blog post by Morandir. For the longest time now  V4L has exclusively used the 808 connection with all their branded products, the only exceptions being the OEM kits from a few years ago and a few mods they no longer carry. That era has reached its end though. Around June of 2013 Smilin sir announced on ECF he was working on a line of 510 personal vaporizers for V4L. While they haven't been officially released yet, I figured it was a good time to delve into the differences between the two connections. The 510 is the most popular connection in the e-cig world, with 808/901 threading being next. The reason for this actually has nothing to do with performance. In the early days of vaping, there were more than 10 different types of connections, 510 and 808/901 were the top two even then, but all were close in popularity. Mods are what drove the 510 connection to the forefront. It was preferred by mod makers because of its durability compared to that of the 808/901 if dropped due to its design. The first difference is very obvious. It's a female connection, meaning the carto screws into it. What isn't as noticeable though is the draw difference. Where the 808 connection has a high amount of airflow and a loose draw, the 510's draw is more of a medium tightness much like that of a 100 filter analog. There will be some who will prefer the stiffer draw, but it all comes down to personal preference. While it's much easier to have 808 batts and 808 carts (or both 510), you can still mix the two types of threading if you don't have another option. If you have a 510 threaded battery you can use a 510 to 808 adapter and use an 808 carto with it. If you have an 808 batt and want to use a 510 tank or cart, use an 808 to 510 adapter. When it comes to maintenance the 510  is a different beast as well. Post adjustments on 510 devices is a harder task due to its introverted design. It's far easier to adjust the post on the carto itself instead. Cleaning can be a little more tricky, I suggest using a q-tip with a high alcohol by volume clear liquor. Just be sure the connection is completely dry before use. Once the batteries are officially released I can give a better idea of performance. For now, though this at least introduces 510 connection to vapers who were unfamiliar with different types of threading.