try vaping November 16 is the Great American Smokeout, a national holiday sponsored by the American Cancer Society that encourages smokers to quit the habit for just a day. This year is an important one for smokers who have switched to vaping because the FDA has recently announced that it plans to focus on “encouraging development of innovative tobacco products that may be less dangerous than cigarettes.” The FDA is also planning to reduce the nicotine levels in tobacco cigarettes, which would likely lead tobacco smokers to have to buy more cigs. For smokers, there’s really no better time to try vaping.   There was a lot of positive buzz about vaping when e-cigs were first developed. Then, for years, the FDA was adamantly anti-vaping, as were many doctors in the U.S. Meanwhile, other countries explored the possibilities of vaping, with Public Health England stating that vaping was at least “95% less harmful than smoking.”   In the midst of this, media outlets started villainizing vapers by focusing on cloud chasers who use box mods. For a few years, it was easy for many smokers to be hesitant about deciding to try vaping because of all the negative sentiments out there.   The FDA’s new stance on vaping makes this the perfect time for smokers who have been hesitant about e-cigs to finally try vaping.   In honor of the great American smoke out, we’d like to share a story from one of our customers about how they discovered vaping. This story comes to us from Facebook user Ern Batavia, who smoked for 40 years before deciding to try vaping.   How we quit was almost six years ago, at the dentist's office....and a lady was telling him (a smoker) about V4L (Vapor4Life) -- we interrupted her to get a biz card.....placed initial order, and haven't had one tobacco puff since.”   If you have a story about why you want to try vaping, add yours in the comments. We’ll choose one person to get a store credit for $100!