This is a guest post written by LadyStrick9, from Chesapeake, VA who often refers to herself as a "vapaholic". As I've gotten older I've become a person of habit. I like to know what the day will bring. I have several rituals. For example, first thing in the morning, I get my coffee, grab my laptop, prop up all my pillows into a fluffy pile at the head of my bed and settle in and get comfy. Then, I turn on my computer. I check my email then eagerly click my way to Vapor4Life's Member Forum. After getting to the main page and clicking on "New Posts",  I adjust my blurred morning vision to the thread titles and there it is - my ever-present daily greeting, titled "Good Morning and Good Night Vapers". Daily ritual Forum member "StephanieT" makes it a morning and night-time ritual to scour various sites to find just the right picture or graphic to post for her forum friends to start or end their day with a cheerful greeting. It's like getting a greeting card twice a day. She's been doing this for months and I recently realized that I'm not alone. Many other members also really look forward to this considerate and thoughtful contribution to begin and end our days. Stephanie always finds something befitting to post. Sometimes these adorable and thoughtful pictures are sparkly, complete with cartoon characters and fluffy stuffed animals, cheerfully looking at me from the monitor with twinkling eyes, just waiting for me to arrive so they can bring a small, but relieved smile to my still-sleepy face. I usually tilt my head to one side and murmur "awww", able to relax since finding and viewing my morning greeting. Forum features On the Forum's posts, at the bottom right corner, is a button option for "Like". I couldn't possibly move on to the next "New Post" without fumbling with my mouse pad and lightly tapping this feature. This is a big deal on the Forum! Members who "like" a post, can let the author or contributor of that post know by clicking this button. The author then gets a notification that one of their forum friends has admired one of their posts.  I can also choose to "Reply" to Stephanie's greeting. This option opens a fresh window for me to type my response. It's loads of fun! I often say to myself "what a silly thing I'm doing, I feel like a kid". Then I answer myself and say "Good! I could use a few more of those 'child-like' thoughts during my sometimes stressful day". So grab your laptop or smart phone and let the kid in you come out and play by visiting us on the Vapor4Life Member Forum. Take a peek at the "Good Morning and Good Night Vapers"  thread. This is just one of many fascinating, interesting, and colorful features. There are also plenty of technical, educational and informative bits of information that fill the pages of the Forum. Good morning and goodnight everyone! You can usually find LadyStrick9 on the V4L forum networking with members and guests.