Vaper and vlogger extraodinaire Grimm Green  displaying our prefilled carts. Vaper and vlogger extraodinaire Grimm Green displaying our prefilled carts."
By: Lady Vapentine Unless you’ve been vaping under a rock for the last five years, you probably know who Grimm Green is. Calling him an avid vaper would be an understatement. He’s arguably the vaping world’s most popular vlogger. Grimm’s been vaping so long that he remembers when there were no box mods to be heard of, and smokers made the switch by using prefilled cartridges and stick batteries. He dug some of our prefilled carts out of his stash to review them on a recent vlog. Even though he got those carts years ago, they still tasted as good as they do when you buy prefilled carts from our site today. He went on to talk about why the prefilled cartridges are a good option for smokers who want to find an alternative.     Check out the clip here. Steve Smilin Milin, Vapor4Life’s founder and owner, has designed his own products to appeal to smokers. We’ve still got a ton of customers who made the switch to e-cigarettes with us, and they still vape our prefilled carts because they do the trick for them. If you are a smoker, or if you know a smoker, our prefilled cartomizers are a great place to start. Here are few select quotes from the Grimm Green vlog:
  • “If you’re a smoker, and you don’t want to deal with filling things up, you just want to plug on a cartomizer onto a battery and take a drag, that, I’m not even joking is exactly like taking a drag on a cigarette, these Vapor4Life cartomizers might be a great introduction.”
  • “Vapor4Life has always had the best-tasting prefilled cartomizers.”
  • “They have the Vapor Titan, 29.99, you get a battery, a wall charger, a carrying case, and a five-pack of cartomizers for 30 bucks. Buy this for the smoker in your life because if I was a smoker, I would be so incredibly satisfied by this vape.”
  • “This is a lot, a lot like smoking.”
  • “Even the throat hit just feels like the way a cigarette used to feel.”
  I like to use our prefilled carts because they’re disturbingly easy to use, and yes, they feel so much like smoking a cigarette. That’s how they were designed to feel and taste. Steve Smilin Milin (our founder) still has a ton of old carts from other companies that he experimented with before designing our prefilleds. None of the ones he tried really did the trick for him. They burned out or ran out to fast. Most importantly, they didn’t taste a thing like cigarettes. If you’re a vaper looking for flavors that are easy to vape in the car, I’d recommend trying your favorite e liquid flavor in our prefilled carts. If you’re a smoker who’s ready to make the switch, but you’ve been disappointed by other e-cigarettes you’ve tried, our prefilled cartridges make switching simple and enjoyable. Here are a few more benefits.
  1. Easy to carry in your purse or pocket
  2. Available in WOW (low resistance) and COOL (high resistance)
  3. More than 100 flavors available
  4. Fit with Vapor Zeus, Vapor Titan and Vapor King batteries
Our mission has always been to help the Vapor4Life family find the smoking sensation they needed, and to help guide you along the way, whether you stick to prefilled carts and stick batteries, or move on to vape mods and tanks. As always, you can keep an eye on our blog or Facebook page for updates and info, or message me personally at [email protected]   Special thanks to Grimm Green for giving V4L a shoutout, and for allowing us to use his video and quotes to share the message with our customers. Vape-on!