If you’re interested in trying nicotine salt e-liquid or if you’re already a fan of nic salt juice, we’ve got awesome news for you. We keep expanding our line of more than 300 e-liquids to include a wide variety of nicotine salt vape juices. Check out the new nic salt flavors we just got in from Mr. Salt E-Liquid and try to contain yourself.   Peanut Butter Cookie By Mr. Salt-E Liquid best-nicotine-salt-ejuice How many times have you thought, “Man, I wish I could just vape a peanut butter cookie.” This is never something you should do, but vaping Peanut Butter Cookie E-Juice from Mr. Salt-E certainly is. This yummy nicotine salt juice captures the mouthwatering experience of biting into a peanut butter cookie fresh out of the oven. Since it’s a nicotine salt e-liquid, you’ll get a more intense nic hit from Peanut Butter Cookie e-juice too. Trust us, you’re going to want to vape this all day long.   Mixed Berries By Mr. Salt-E Liquid When people love berries, they LOOOOVE berries. Mr. Salt-E Liquid is well aware of this, so they put together the best, most beloved berry flavors out there to craft a delightfully delicious e-liquid. Mixed Berries is loaded with the fresh, sweetly tart taste of raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry. Its high nicotine content makes Mixed Berries a great option for smokers who want nic salt that isn’t just tobacco or menthol.  You can buy Mixed Berries on Vapor4Life and see for yourself.   OOPS! By Mr. Salt-E Liquid Sometimes, what appears to be a mistake turns out to be a miracle. Oops E-Liquid gets its name from the fact that it wasn’t even designed; it was kind of discovered by accident. Once the e-juice artists at Mr. Salt-E Liquid tried this magical concoction of lemon, blueberries, mixed fruit, and menthol, they knew Oops E-Juice would be a hit. The complex, yet irresistible delectable flavor profile makes Oops E-Liquid a must-try.   Shop nicotine salt e-juice and other e-liquids on our website. When you order, you’re guaranteed fast shipping and amazing customer service.