Happy Earth Day Vapers!Did you know that cigarette butts are the single most littered item in the U.S.? Not only that, but it takes 12 years for a cigarette butt to break down. Twelve years! Switching to electronic cigarettes makes sense for so many reasons. You feel better, smell better, save time, and save money. Plus, just by switching from smoking to vaping you are doing a huge part in helping to combat pollution. Most e-cigarette batteries can be recharged (aside from disposables) and at their end of their life, can be recycled. Since it's Earth Day, we're giving you some tips on how vapers can even go one step further in helping the environment.   Recycle your electronic cigarette batteries! When your beloved  e cig battery  has reached the end of its life (and you know it can't be fixed), don't throw it away, recycle it! You can bring it into the Vapor4Life Smokeless Lounge in Northbrook or WOW Vapor store in Chicago. We have a box set up and all you have to do is wrap the ecig battery in a provided plastic bag and drop it in the Call2Recycle box. It's that simple! Reuse your cartomizers! Did you know that you can reuse prefilled cartos? Yep, it's true! Once your cartomizer doesn't have any juice left in it, instead of throwing it away, recycle it! A cartomizer can last a lot longer than just the time it takes for you to use up the juice.  You can buy bottles of e-liquid and refill cartomizers. It's not hard to refill them, and doesn't take hardly any time at all. PIF the flavors you don't like! If you have a cartomizer or juice that just doesn't do it for you, don't trash it, pay it forward (PIF)! Save it to give someone else. This is smart for a couple reasons. If you meet someone that's really interested in trying your e-cigarette, but you don't care to swap spit with a total stranger you can pull out a cart you don't like and give it to them. The other reason is that you're not wasting a cart. Sometimes a flavor just isn't right, maybe you got a free sample or won a vapor flavor in a contest, but it's not your thing. Just give it away! Know of other ways to celebrate Earth Day as a vaper? Let us know in the comment section!