Today is National Battery Day. So of course Vapor4Life is celebrating this grand holiday! We are after all, in the business of e-cigs. And as we all know one of the two main components of an e-cig is the battery. In honor of this day, we are devoting this blog post to - you've guessed it - batteries! There are a ton of different battery types. There's manual and automatic; "female" and "male"; "sticks" and fat batts; colored and patterned; different tip ends; and sizes. It's a good idea to try many different battery types to decide what will work best for you. Types
  • Manual batteries are activated by pressing a small button. They offer more control and quickly warm up the cartomizer, so they produce vapor right away without primer puffs.
  • Automatic batteries are most similar to traditional cigarettes.  They contain a pressure-sensitive switch activated by inhalation. Unsealed with smaller air holes, the draw is a little tighter. Occasionally, a couple primer puffs are needed to warm up the cartomizer.
  • "Female" refers to the way a cartomizer connects to a battery. With female batteries, the cartomizer threading goes inside the battery. Some examples of female batteries are 306, 510, L88, and 4081. The OMG VV mod is 510-threaded and comes with a 510 to 808 adapter. The adapter makes the mod compatible with our Premium CoolCarts and WOW carts.
  • "Male" batteries connect to a cartomizer by the cartomizer threading on the battery. 801, 901, 808, generic, generation 2 KR808, and E9 are all male batteries. All Vapor4Life batteries are KR808-threaded excluding the OMG VV and Aurora.
  • Stick batts are the thin automatic and manual batteries the most ecig users begin vaping with. Vapor4Life's Classic VK, Original Vapor King, and Vapor Titan batteries are all stick batts.
  • Fat batts are larger, fatter batteries that include mods and   EGOs. The larger a battery is, the longer it will last before needing to be recharged.
  • Smooth Touch - Our Vapor Titan, V4L Dial-A-Volt batteries, and V4L Handle mod are all encased in a velvet-smooth exterior.
  • Colors - Vapor4Life carries 30 different battery colors!
  • Patterns - Aside from our Stealth batteries with camouflage patterns, some ecig companies carry "skins" that are stickers designed specifically to cover batteries.
  • Ash Cap batteries have a round plastic cap on the end of the battery. When in use, the LED lights up and the result is a tip that looks like ash on the end of a smoking analog cigarette.
  • Diamond Series batteries have an end tip that looks like a multifaceted and sparkly diamond. Like the ash cap tips, diamond tips also have a LED behind them on the inside of the battery.
  • Stealth Series batteries do not have a LED. The end is completely sealed and looks just like the rest of the battery, whatever color or pattern it is.
  • Regular-length batteries with a cartomizer attached are about the length of a king size (120) analog cigarette.
  • Short batteries with a cartomizer are about the length of a traditional cigarette. Their battery life is shorter than regular-length batteries and must be charged sooner than if using a regular or XL battery.
  • XL  batteries measure about 5.5 inches with a cartomizer. XL batts have the longest battery life, usually lasting several hours between charging cycles.
  • Other batteries like the EGO, V4L Dial-A-Volt, or mods are much larger than XL stick batteries. The larger the battery, the longer life it carries between charges.
Last, but not least there's something very important you should know about your batteries. They can be recycled! Learn all about it here:  Recycle Old E-Cigarette Batteries.