Here's a Breakdown of the Most Popular E-Liquid Flavors (#1 May Surprise You)
  e Juice Flavors If you've already switched to e-cigs, then congratulations are in order. Vaping is the best way to a cleaner lifestyle and enjoy yourself while you do it. Now it's time to delve deep into the world of vaping flavors, finding the perfect one (or more) that best fits your personality. A recent study of e-cig users found the three most popular flavors to be fruit (31%), tobacco (22%), and bakery/dessert (19%), with savory/spice flavors (5%) rounding out the top four. Here's a breakdown of the top three, with a bonus category sprinkled in: #1. Fruit Flavors: The most popular version of flavored e-liquid, fruit flavors are infinitely versatile and please the palate like no other. The beauty of vape liquid is that the concentrated taste disperses by the time you exhale, so your vapor is never too sweet. You'll want to come back for seconds after every puff. #2. Tobacco: Tobacco is the least versatile of the e-liquid flavors but the most helpful in your transition away from traditional cigarettes. They're available in regular and menthol to accommodate any smoker's taste. The average e-cig user who still smokes cigarettes may not stray away from tobacco flavors at first, but once they officially get rid of cigarettes, it usually leads to experimenting with three or more flavors at a time. #3. Bakery/Dessert Flavors: Who says you can't have dessert before dinner? There's nothing better than puffing on a nice vanilla custard e-liquid to get your day started. Maybe by lunch you switch to blueberry cobbler. It's all the pleasure of dessert with none of the guilt. BONUS- "Other": The beauty of e-liquid flavors is that there is no limit to the ways you can mix and match them. Plus, there are dozens of unique new flavors that get released every single day. A quick example of these "wildcard" flavors are new mixes that combine fruit flavors, such as sour apple with menthol, creating a fruity explosion in your mouth. Definitely worth a try! Try a bunch of e-liquid flavors here to broaden your horizons and keep your options open. You never know when a new flavor will come out and become your new go-to option. Comment below if you're new to e-cigs or want to share a favorite flavor. Happy vaping!