I'm back in the swing of things vapers, and it feels damn good to be  writing again. Last weekend, I had a buddy of mine come back home from  Wisconsin (he left Chicago after college for a job... but I'll bust his chops for that another day) and we were catching up on things. I  told him about this festival going on in town and how we should stop  by and grab a few drinks, because that's what you do when an old friend comes to town: you drink. When summer's dying down, the Chicago suburbs love to have "village  festivals" where you see carnival rides, all-American eats, and good people just trying to relax. We were standing next to a booth where we had just eaten, shooting the breeze, and I decided to pull out my vape. After a few minutes, I heard someone scream my name. But it wasn't "Brandon." I heard "Hammond!" I looked over my shoulder to see the now-sergeant of my local police force storming over to me. Just a brief background on this cop we'll call "Joe." Younger Brandon  wasn't the best-behaved kid growing up, and let's just say that Joe knew me on a personal level. "Hammond, give me that! What's this you're using now?!" Joe screamed as he reached for my e-cig. I let him take it and explained to him that it was an e-cig. He wasn't buying it at all. His first thought was "paraphernalia" and was about to take me with him. As a side note, it was a Dial-A-Volt with a tank, so "e-cigarette" isn't the first thing that comes to mind. I pulled out my Vapor4Life business card and continued to explain who we are and what we do, and then I told him to try it. Now I can tell you, he gave me this look of such disgust, but he tried it. That look of disgust quickly turned into intrigue, and all he said was "WOW!" I knew I had him. Joe pulled me aside and, shockingly, opened up to me. He was telling  me about how he's been trying to break his cigarette habit and how his  wife's been "nagging" him (his words, not mine) about smoking. I gave him my story, about how Vapor4Life saved my life, and I told him to come to our vape shop and our staff would definitely help him out. A week later, Joe stopped by the Lounge and is now an avid vaper! I still find it strange that when I see him he'll flash his Zeus, but I'm glad to have another vaper in the vaping community. Just keep in mind vapers, keep some cards or extra batts with you when you go out. You never know whose life you might change!