Vapor4Life held its very first Wheel of Deals Sale in November on Cyber Monday.   Every time a new number was picked, it was posted on the Vapor4Life Facebook Page, and on the Vapor4Life Twitter feed. The sale was hugely popular for everyone following it.  Customers had to decide whether to take a pretty good discount, or wait for the largest  number to hit. A lot of people ordered several times throughout the day, because they didn't want to miss out when the spinner landed on the big numbers. Half the fun of this sale is deciding whether to hit "check out" or wait. It's a bit of a gamble. But no matter what number you end up choosing, you will still get at least 25% off (as long as you enter the code WHEEL4). The sale originally began as a fun way to celebrate Cyber Monday. But since so many people expressed their excitement for it, Vapor4Life has decided to have more wheel sales every once in a while. Today is the fourth time Vapor4Life is holding this sale. The wheel is being spun randomly at various times.  It began this  morning and  lasts for 48 hours, ending at 11:00 AM on Sunday, March 11. The wheel has numbers on it ranging from 25 to 50. Whatever number it lands on is the percentage off each order placed, using the promotion code: WHEEL4. View the current percentage at Since most people work on Fridays, the wheel will continue spinning into the weekend. This allows people to watch the numbers, and not have to worry that their boss will catch them. In order to get the current discount, it is best to have your order all picked out, and placed in the shopping cart. Then, when you see a number you like, enter the code WHEEL4 and check out. Since new numbers are chosen randomly, you'll want to place your order with the best number possible, before a new number takes its place. The point of the Wheel of Deals is to have fun. In an effort to not 'spam'  folks who aren't participating, Vapor4Life decided to only post a few of the current percentages on the Facebook Page, and Twitter feed. That's where you come in - you can tell others what the current code is by posting it on the Vapor4Life Facebook Page, or tweet the code using the hashtag #wheelofdeals. How much money have you saved during a Wheel of Deals Sale? Tell us in the comment section below.