Giving the Gift of Vaping to a Smoker

The Gift of Vaping?

Smoking is often a social activity. If you are a former smoker who vapes, there is a better than average chance you have friends or family members who still light up.
With holiday season in full-swing, are you considering giving the gift of vaping to a smoker in your life?
Especially for staunch advocates of vaping, there can be a strong desire to share your love of vaping but there are a few factors you should consider before dropping money on a present that may be viewed as rebuke to a smoker's lifestyle and life choices.

Approach With Caution

What are your thoughts about fanatical adult converts who warn their former running partners about the error of their ways? Do you have a mate who swore off drinking and declared every punter in the pub is an alcoholic who would be wise to follow their lead? Ever meet a former smoker who expresses disdain and disgust towards anyone who still smokes? Is this how you want be viewed? Regardless of your intentions, it is important to consider how such a personal intervention may be perceived. Tread carefully and show due discretion. There is a strong case to be made but smokers already face considerable pressure from society, co-workers, friends and family about their habit. An ex-smoker/vaping convert preaching at them may not achieve the desired result.

Dealing With Myths and Objections

One obstacle that keeps people smoking rather than vaping are putrefied zombie myths about vaping that are impossible to kill and continue to influence decision making. Motivated reasoning is a powerful thing. You may face an uphill struggle when trying to persuade someone who is fixated on studies that reflect negatively on e-cigs, especially if they are being used as an excuse to continue smoking. Here is a quick guide to the zombie vaping myths that refuse die.

Vaping Advocacy

In countries that have embraced a science based approach to harm reduction, such as the UK, pushing smokers to switch to e-cigs is not unusual. The Telegraph reported in October that Phillip Morris Limited, the world’s largest tobacco firm, launched a £2 million campaign called “Hold My Light”. The goal is to convince smokers to refrain from lighting up for a month and to obtain their nicotine through other channels if necessary. The foundation of this campaign was a Public Health England study that found vaping had only a small fraction of risks associated with smoking and switching over entirely conveyed substantial health benefits. They also found that e-cigarettes contributed to at least 20,000 successful quits and is associated with the rapidly accelerating drop in smoking rates.  By Public Health England’s accounting, the number would have been even greater if not for pervasive myths about vaping.

Hearts and Minds

Pushing hard for smokers to switch to vaping is a bit more taboo in other locales. If asked, don’t hesitate to share your vaping story. But we are all aware of the fact that vaping is not well-received in some social circles. Sadly, there are a number of smokers in these ranks of naysayers. Present the facts but don’t expect anyone to immediately change their mind. Considerable research has gone into the science of changing people’s minds and persuading an individual to review or renounce a strongly held belief is not easy. As much as people like being right, they hate being wrong even more.

Risks of Vaping

Vaping is not without risks. Misrepresenting this fact to a smoker is a disservice. Address myths about vaping head-on. Also, focus on the lack of ash, smoke, smell and the fact that no credible scientific source claims it is as harmful as smoking. Whether it is risk free or not is the wrong question to ask when discussing vaping with a smoker, as they are already engaged in a risky habit. At Vapor4Life, we have no interest in selling our products to minors and have enacted strong policies to prevent this from occurring. With this in mind, we cannot recommend persuading a minor to switch from smoking to vaping. Iowa Attorney General Thomas Miller has a different view on this subject, as outlined in the Iowa AG’s Letter to the FDA. He argued, “The most intensive adolescent e-cigarette users are far more likely to also be smokers. They may potentially benefit from e-cigarette use. There is no ethical basis for ignoring public health harm reduction benefits to those under 18.” As persuasive as this case may sound on paper, we will continue to enact strict age verification using the industry leading Veratad technology and we exceed local requirements at our Northbrook vape shop. As a responsible business, we perform our due diligence and then some.

Where to Begin?

You have defeated the zombie myths and pleasantly framed the advantages of vaping to your friend who smokes. Rather than resisting your input as meddling, they have expressed interest cigarette alternatives. Now you have to figure out what to get them without busting your budget. This is a real balancing act because you have to identify both the best device and the flavor they are most likely to enjoy. A personal knowledge of their flavor preferences can be invaluable and you can also rely on the anecdotes of fellow vapers who have switched from cigarettes to vaping. If you are interested in doing a deep dive, Dr. Farsalino compiled a definitive survey of 69,000 vapers. He found that fruit/dessert/pastry and bakery flavors were the prevalent choice among established vapers of all age groups. That said, large subset of former smokers love mint, menthol and tobacco flavored e-juice. Choose wisely. There are many delicious flavors and if you hit a home run you may create a vaper for life.

Pros and Cons of a Mod

There are also tons of devices to choose from. If this is a gift for someone who has never vaped, a juice guzzling, battery draining, king of the hill, trigger pulling mod the size of a service revolver not be the best choice. A powerful mod may be your choice (and mine) for generating delicious clouds of creamy vapor but its complexity may deter a vaping initiate.  That said, the price of mighty mods has plummeted in the last few years and a hard hitting vape-chucker may be exactly what they need.

Pod Systems and Nic Salts

Pods and nic salts are currently the rage. Economically speaking, a pod is a cheaper investment for the gift giver but can end up being a more expensive long-term solution for the end user. It is also worth noting that one of their advantages, being easily obtainable for legal age adults at retail stores, has taken a serious hit due to new FDA regulations on e-cigarettes. On the plus side of the ledger, pods are hassle free and pack an enormous nicotine punch. The potency more closely mimics an actual cigarette as well. Keep in mind that some devices, such as the Aspire Spryte, can also burn regular e-juice and are nearly as portable as a classic pod.

Would They Like a Cig-a-Like?

“Cig-a-likes” are often appealing to the transitioning smoker. These devices resemble a cigarette in size, shape and even color scheme in many cases. There is no button on many of these models and they are a no-hassle approach to vaping. The classic Vapor Titan is about the size of a long cigarette, has a similar feel and is made of softer materials to enhance the experience. The Titan uses pre-filled cartridges and has a far wider range of flavors and e-juice formulations than a pod system. The blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in a juice has a huge impact on its flavor and cloud density. Here is a rundown that explains PG/VG ratios in e-juice.

Vapor Titan

A feature unique to the Vapor Titan is that it is a closed system with a high level of customization. It achieve this by offering low resistance and high resistance carts. The low resistance carts offer a warmer throat hit and more vapor. The high resistance carts last longer and provide a cooler cloud.

Vapor Zeus

The Vapor Zeus is a larger modified e-cig design that was designed to mimic the smoking experience. It is larger and more powerful than the Titan. It uses the patented smileomizer and has a wide range of Vapor Zeus optimized e-juices. It is 808 threaded and compatible with similar devices. You can get a Vapor Zeus with a button free design and with adjustable power levels.

No V2 or Myle Vapor Stocking Stuffers This Year

If the gift you had in mind was that old standby the V2 ecig, we regret to inform you that this won’t be an option this year. V2 went out of business in November. Here is our V2 replacement resource guide. Myle Vapor also left the US market last month, so fans of this pod system are out of luck for the time being. With so many vaping options under the sun, you may have to curate the options to an initiate. If you have any questions, our friendly customer service department would be delighted to help you navigate the ins and outs of the many vaping products on the market.