Written by guest blogger Morandir835. Every year at the end of January or early February is Chinese New Year. Not only is it the longest festival in China lasting for 15 days, there is what has been called the Chinese New Year hangover that follows. The entire country shuts down for CNY, and afterwards a very large percentage of their population changes jobs. This high turnover of employees translates to delays due to training, which in turn means more delays when getting product from China. V4L gets all of its juice in production from China. They try their absolute hardest to have as much in stock as possible before the CNY, but even with the extra inventory, as the business grows so does the demand for certain juices. This is why right around the midpoint in February until the end of March you start seeing a lot of flavors (and certain batteries) go out of stock. It's not something that only affects V4L, but every ecig company due to how much hardware comes from China (especially the batteries). There are a few tips though to avoid being left without your favorite flavor during the recovery from CNY. 1, V4L now has all of its top-selling flavors marked as such on the site. If one of those juices happens to be your go-to-vape, be sure to order an extra bottle each order than what you need, and at the end of the year (November-December) order as much as you would need to last you for 2 months. 2. If you have run out, and V4L is out of stock, use the forums or Facebook to reach out to your fellow vapers for help. It always amazes me how many times someone has stepped up and given a bottle of juice (either in trade or donation) to a person in need. During the great New Menthol WOW shortage of 2-11 I gave away half of my stash to those without. 3. Have a back up flavor, more than one if possible. V4L has over 300 vape juices. Whenever possible order a bottle or a pack of cartos of one with you order that you haven't vaped yet. You'll never know what you might like until you've tasted it. The worst part with CNY is it's right after America's New Year, one of the busiest times for new vapers to decide to make the switch. This is why it's so hard for companies to order enough to make it through CNY, you honestly can't tell how many new customers you'll be getting during that time.