How It All Began Like many, I began smoking my freshman year of college. It was the first time that I had the freedom to do what I pleased, without needing permission from my parents. A lot of people at college smoked. It looked cool. It felt cool. I liked how smoking made me feel. I started by casually having a cigarette here or there, taking one from a friend if they offered. The single smoke here or there quickly became an addiction. It didn't take long before I started buying my own packs. Some nights I would find myself smoking the last cigarette in a pack I'd bought that very morning. Home For The Holidays When I went home for Thanksgiving break I didn't dare tell my family I had started smoking. Heck, at age 11, my mom made me promise I would never start. That four-day weekend wasn't too hard. I could handle not smoking for a few days. But then, Christmas break came around. I needed my fix. So I started taking  €˜walks.' I suddenly needed to  €˜go to the store for something.' I found myself constantly thinking of when I could get out and smoke again. After sneaking around for about a week, my mother confronted me, and asked why I smelled like smoke. I had a real good excuse for that. I told her it was because I wore my jeans to a smoky bar the night before. But she knew the truth. It was probably difficult for her to see that her sweet daughter had picked up a very nasty habit. After that first year in college, I continued to smoke. My habit wavered between being what I call a "full-time smoker," buying my own packs, smoking every day, to just smoking one on occasion, a few times a year. The Switch When I began learning about electronic cigarettes, the industry, and Vapor4Life, it dawned on me - I too could replace my occasional cigarette with an e-cigarette! One of the many reasons people like to smoke is the oral fixation. I use e-cigs with 0 mg of nicotine. I still enjoy the hand to mouth simulation of smoking, but don't want to become addicted to nicotine again. I usually use my e-cig during my commute to work, and when I'm out with friends. Not having to rely on nicotine anymore is a great feeling! That's how I went from an occasional smoker to an occasional vaper. What's your story?