Interested in making your desktop computer sick real quick? No? Well, then why are you smoking near your computer? One way to get your computer to stop working at full performance is to smoke cigarettes by your computer. Computers have air vents to allow air to flow through and cool down the engine. The part of the computer that acts as a cooling device is called a heat sink.  Tobacco smoke is sticky so when it gets inside the computer, dust clings to it easier and that clogs the fans. Over time this clogging will eventually make the fans stop working. Bryce Whitty, an Australian computer technician and founder of has come across a few bad cases of hardware problems caused by cigarette smoke, dust, and pet hair. These elements eventually find their way into the computers' fans or heat sinks causing the computer to overheat and die. The photo above shows one such computer that had an untimely death due to these factors. A computer repair specialist "Ow3n" from Rogersville, Tennessee repaired a three-year-old Dell computer brought in for repair. The owner smoked two packs of cigarettes every day. He had to blow out the case and clean it with alcohol wipes. He said tobacco smoke leaves a very sticky yellowish residue to which all dust sticks. Ow3n said "in ideal circumstances, the plastic fan shroud helps cool the processor more efficiently. In a heavy smoker's home, the shroud funnels incoming smoke to the fans and heat sinks, where it's tar and nicotine accumulates. Dust is sucked into it and sticks to the tar sticky fan and heat sink and accumulates. At a certain point, the fan shroud which was helping to cool the machine actually makes it run much hotter because of the concentrated gunk." Share this article with your friends that still smoke, and then let them know they can prevent this simply by switching to a better alternative - Vapor4Life electronic cigarettes. The health of your computer is important, but more importantly, you'll be helping yourself!