How to Clean your Juul or Other Pod System
Pod systems, like Juul, are reusable and rechargeable. That’s part of their appeal. But with reusability comes maintenance. While Juul devices in general require low upkeep to stay in working order, there is still cleaning that needs to happen from time to time.

Why do Juuls need cleaning?

Whether it is due to discrepancies build quality tolerances or wear and tear, the pod inside your Juul may leak at times. It can collect on the battery and is the primary reason you should clean your Juul device.

To Dry Clean or Not

There are two cleaning methods for Juuls: dry cleaning and cleaning with rubbing alcohol. Which method you choose depends on your situation. As a general rule, upkeep on a new, clean Juul device requires only dry cleaning. If, however, you’ve allowed your Juul to get pretty grungy (perhaps you’ve had it for years and never cleaned it) then a good cleaning using isopropyl alcohol might be necessary.

Dry Cleaning

Here are the basic steps to dry cleaning your Juul device. Remember that at no point during this process should you use rubbing alcohol or any other liquid. This is strictly a dry method only.
  1. Remove Juul pod and take out any buildup you find in and around the pod slot using something thin and sturdy, like tweezers or toothpicks.
  2. There may be leaked juice inside the spring-loaded metal connection pins. So invert your battery and press a Q-tip or paper towel to the pins to absorb any stray liquids.

Rubbing Alcohol

This is a heavy duty cleaning option for your device. If dry cleaning just wasn’t enough, then it’s time to pull out the big guns.
  1. As with the dry cleaning method, first remove your Juul pod and then clean around the slot, only this time, use a Q-tip that has been lightly soaked in rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will help break down any congealed gunk that may have started to grow inside your Juul device.
  2. Next clean the connection pins just like in the dry cleaning example, again with alcohol on the Q-tip. However, unlike the dry cleaning method, do not compress the springs. It is vital that you only gently clean around the pins without depressing them. Pushing down on the pins could allow rubbing alcohol to leak into your Juul device, potentially causing permanent damage.

Charge Port Cleaning

If you find your Juul just isn’t charging like it should be, you may need to repeat the alcohol cleaning process on the charge port. But don’t worry, there is much less risk with cleaning this area of your Juul. If this did not work, take a look at purchasing another Juul Charger.