How to Fill a Blank/Refillable Vapor Titan Cartridge

You can still enjoy the same Vapor Titan cartridge vaping experience, even after the federal flavor ban wiped the US market clear of all vape pods and cartridges except tobacco and menthol.

If you live in a state that does not have additional restrictions on vaping flavors, all you need is blank/refillable Vapor Titan cartridge. The exact same Wow or Premium EJuice you enjoyed in your prefilled cartridge is available in bottled form. Click here to view Wow and Premium Ejuices.

Our blank cartridges are the exact same hardware that is used for our Vapor Titan prefilled cartridges. Like prefilled carts, blank cartridges are available in low and high resistance. Click here to view our blank/refillable Vapor Titan cartridges.

And you won’t need to rely on trial and error to find a flavor alternative. It is as easy as finding your favorite cartridge flavor and dripping 25 drops into a blank cartridge. Wow Peppermint, Coffee, New Cappuccino and more are all available.

Every cartridge flavor is available in bottled form and there are many additional flavors you can try as.

How to Fill a Vapor Titan Cartridge

To help you transition to a world where many popular flavors are no longer available in prefilled cartridges, we have created a quick video to show you how easy it is to fill a Vapor Titan cartridge. And the cartridges will last more than one fill, so it is actually a less expensive way to vape as well.

Vapor Titan Blank Cartridge Filling Instructions

If you prefer a written tutorial to a video, we have provided additional instructions below.

  1. Stand Vapor Titan Cartridge on Napkin or Paper Towel
  2. Use a Push Pin or Paper Clip to Remove Stopper
  3. Carefully Drip 25-30 drops of EJuice onto the Cotton Poly Fill
  4. Be Careful Not to Drip ELiquid Down the Center Tube
  5. Wipe Away Excess Liquid and Place Stopper Back In Place
  6. Wait 5 Minutes and Attach Cartridge to Vapor Titan

Pro-Tip: Consider filling all of your cartridges in one sitting to save time.

Vape Ban Laws

If you have any questions about the vaping laws in your state or nationally, check out our resource pages. Banned Vaping Items covers the federal flavor ban and our feature State Vape Ban Laws is a constantly updated list of state and local regulations.

To View State Vape Ban Resource Page Click Here
Click here for information on the Federal Flavor Ban