Alright, so you've found an electronic cigarette company, you know what starter kit you are going to buy, now all you have to do is figure out what nicotine strength to get. What does "24mg" mean? This number defines the amount of nicotine in a cartomizer or bottle of juice. Nicotine strength levels There are a few reasons for having different levels of nicotine. Cigarettes come in varying levels like ultra light and full flavor. Also, some people smoke a couple of cigarettes each day, while others smoke a couple of packs. The amount of nicotine that people need varies from person to person. Some ecig companies carry three levels of nicotine - light, medium, and strong. Vapor4Life has seven strengths to choose from - 0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg, and 36mg. This helps people who are  between medium and strong, for instance  36mg may be too high for them, but 11mg is not enough. By having 18mg and 24mg available, they can try both and decide which suits their needs the best. Basic guide To find out which nicotine level satisfies your craving the best, experiment with a few. You might even want to use multiple strengths, depending on how you feel and what kind of mood you are in. Here's a basic guide to finding the nicotine level that is just right for you based on what you are used to smoking:
  • If you smoke 10 or less ultra-light cigarettes per day, try 4mg.
  • If you smoke 10+  ultra-lights  per day, try 8mg.
  • If you smoke 20  or less ultra-light cigarettes, or  10 or less light cigs per day try 11mg.
  • If you smoke 10+ light cigarettes per day, try 18mg.
  • If you smoke 20-30 full-flavor cigs per day, try 24mg.
  • If you smoke multiple packs of full-flavor cigarettes per day, try 36mg.
Nicotine free (0mg) In addition to cartomizers and juice with nicotine, we also carry nicotine free products. People who don't smoke every day, but enjoy the hand-to-mouth sensation of smoking can use electronic cigarettes without nicotine. Vapers (people who use electronic cigarettes) sometimes alter their nicotine strength depending on their mood, the flavor they are vaping, or their personal reasons for switching to e-cigarettes. Please share this info with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. Just click on the buttons below.