Help a friendAre you a vaper who still has friends who smoke? Despite watching you successfully make the switch from tobacco to ecigs, some of your friends or family members might still smoke. Maybe you've tried loaning them your ecig, or even bought them a kit of their own. Whatever you have tried to do hasn't worked quite yet. Well, don't give up. There is still hope that they can make the switch too! Here are some things you can do to help ease them into vaping. Try a disposable Why didn't they immediately put down their cigarette and start vaping? Perhaps they think vaping seems too difficult and they don't want to have to deal with recharging batteries and refilling the e-liquid. For some people, the idea of ecigs sounds pretty good, but then they think about the work it requires, and decide they'd rather smoke instead. You can't vape without a charged battery, but that means you actually have to charge the battery. No, it really doesn't take a lot of effort to plug your ecig into a charger in the wall, but it is one more thing you have to do than you did with smoking. Another thing that some vapers do is refill the e-liquid in their cartomizer or tank. You need the e-liquid in order for your ecig to work. For some people, this extra step of refilling isn't something they want to make the time for. Again, it's not too time consuming, but it is one more step that's required of vaping, but not smoking. For people who don't have the desire to make that many changes to their routine, but who still think vaping could be helpful to them, I recommend the disposable ecig. A disposable most closely resembles a traditional cigarette. All you have to do is unwrap it and start puffing. It's actually less work than the real thing, because you don't even need the lighter! Try a different flavor One reason someone might not have made the switch yet is because they don't like the flavor. Everyone has their certain brand of cigarettes they smoke. Some people want their vape flavor to match perfectly. There are so many ecig flavors out there that come really close to a true tobacco or menthol flavor. So just keep trying! Take your friend to a vape shop where they can try as many flavors as they want until they find the one that works. Increase your nicotine strength If you don't think the vaping flavor is the problem, it could be the nicotine strength or throat hit. If your friend doesn't think they're getting enough nicotine to satisfy their cravings, the easy fix is to simply increase the amount of nicotine in each puff. "Throat hit" refers to the feeling you get in the back of your throat when you inhale. If you don't feel enough of a throat hit, then vaping won't mimic smoking as well as it could. The higher the nicotine level, the stronger the throat hit. Just try using one nicotine strength higher and see if that helps. Sometimes you just need to experiment a little to find what will work best! Have you helped a friend make the transition to vaping? Did you do anything different to help?