This is guest post written by Via, an e-cig enthusiast living in Jacksonville, Florida. Many years ago, I accepted a job to do the accounting for a small California winery in Amador County. At the time, all I knew about wine was "Mad Dog 20/20" would make you sicker than a dog, and that Mateus tasted pretty bad. Part of my salary was a case of wine per month, which I put in the coolest part of the house. Following the bosses instructions, I turned each bottle one-quarter turn every month...and so began my life as a wino, and began my education about grapes and patience. Some wines are ready "immediately", like a white Zinfandel...while others, like a Zin, or a Cab take years to mature. It all has to do with the grapes (flavoring) and the skill of the wine master (juice master). It took me almost 30 years to drink all that wine I earned, each year the wine was a little bit closer to perfection. E-juice is like that too. WOW Watermelon I was excited to try the new WOW Watermelon; it was new, and I love a good tasty watermelon because it reminds me of the summers on the farm, when my sister and uncle and I would raid the watermelon patch, and only eat the hearts before going on to the next one! But, juice is like wine, some need to "age" before it's perfect for vaping. I will be honest with you, and tell you that I told Miss Audrey that I would not review a juice that I didn't like. With so many juices, accessories, and batteries available (and because I am old, and life is short), I don't want to waste my energy reviewing something that I wouldn't use myself! I was very disappointed with my first taste of WOW Watermelon. It had a distinctive soapy/perfume-y taste and smell. While I realize that "taste is subjective", I was pretty sure that folks would agree that the soap/perfume taste was so overwhelming that even the most desperate vaper would be disappointed. After having a chat with Miss Audrey, mostly about wine, I decided to treat this bottle as I  would my favorite bottle of wine...I would let it "age", and make some reports as time passed. So, I began a steeping routine. December report The juice was clear when I received it a few months ago, but I've noticed that the liquid has started to "tan"; it now has a very light peachy/pink hue. The aroma is less soapy, too. I vaped it in a WOW carto on a manual XL Vapor Titan, and while I taste an improvement, the juice is not yet fully mature and still has the soap/perfume overtones. If you've already purchased this juice, continue a steeping procedure occasionally, as I believe that this juice has some just might turn out to be an excellent vintage! I will update again, and let you know what happens in my vape Cellar! Just like a fine wine, remember to keep it in a cool place! Happy vaping! Via teaches marker rendering and Norwegian rosemaling. Contact her at [email protected], or read her personal blog at