This is a guest post written by Clover, a college student and vapeaholic from the Midwest. Hello, I'm Clover. I have been vaping and using V4L products since September 27, 2010. I just celebrated my one year vaperversary and am excited for the next! I'm  a 23 year-old senior  majoring in Visual Arts and specializing in Animation. As a kid I couldn't stand the smell of smoke and thought I would never start up. But when I started college, I wanted to fit in and it just kind of happened. I used to smoke a pack a day. I never thought I would become addicted. I always told myself I could stop whenever I wanted. One day I realized I couldn't get by without them. At that time I was singing in my college concert choir and smoking was affecting my performance. I hated waking up coughing. I hated how I smelled. I was desperate for a solution. At the beginning of the next semester I made the decision to quit. I remembered running into a friend at a summer festival who was using something called an e-cig. I didn't ask him many questions at the time but when I was ready to change, I wasn't sure where to start. I started doing research. After trying an inferior e-cig, I eventually found ECF and started schooling myself on this whole new world of information. It was information overload! Thanks to a few helpful posts I finally decided I wanted to try V4L. I bought a starter kit and when it arrived I knew it was the one for me! I was so happy. All the flavors tasted so good and everything was new and exciting. I showed off my e-cig to everyone, even strangers. I knew right away that I wouldn't need to buy another pack of cigs again. And I haven't! I love vaping! My favorite flavors from V4L are WOW Peppermint, and from the new USA juice line: Bandit Berry, Outlaw Apple, Peacemaker Peppermint, and Beach Bum. I prefer using the CoolCarts and a passthrough or XL batts. Many people don't realize there are some pretty cool folks here in South Dakota. We're not all farmers and we have electricity and plumbing! I've lived in a college town since sixth grade. In my free time I visit my Minnesota friends, where its just a tad cooler. I love the music festivals they have every summer. It's a very big part of my life. The people there are my family. I've gotten many a hippie to switch to e-cigs! I hope you've enjoyed some of my story. I look forward to sharing more. Happy vaping!