Hyppe Bar versus Hyppe Max

When adult prefilled vape pod users were deprived of the sweet and complex ejuice flavor profiles they prefer, it was inevitable that they would seek other outlets. In some cases, vapers turned to refillable vape pod kits. These had the advantage of being better price performers and higher technology. With a refillable device, you have literally endless flavor options and most devices offer multiple coils.



Utilizing the same nic salt eliquids found in prefilled pods, and later disposables, refillable vape pod kits deliver pure flavor and great mouth to lung performance. There are so many different devices that it is impossible not to find one that fits your exact needs. And the same hold trues for nic salts, where dozens of the best and brightest lights in the vaping industry produce an incredible array of delicious salt nic eliquids.



But most adult vapers are just looking for an easy to use device that is satisfying. That is the niche that prefilled vape pods filled and is why so many of these users gravitated to disposable vapes.


Disposable Ecigs


Disposable vapes are certainly the easiest way to vape. There is no filling or recharging required. All you need to do is open the packaging and inhale. Thanks to the potency of nic salts, you do not need much battery power or vapor production to get a satisfying experience.


The reason Vapor4Life carries so many disposable brands is that there is a lot of overlap between flavor options and even the actual device design in the disposable ecig universe. If your favorite mango disposable is out of stock, you can find a comparable or even better take on mango in a dozen other disposables. There are certain all-stars in the disposable vape world but there is also a lot of parity.


But it is 2020. Customers demand flexibility. This is why there are now lower nicotine disposables on the market, for those who do not require 5 percent nic strength. The Zaero Disposable Ecig is the standard bearer in this category, as it comes in four nic strengths: 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 percent.


This demand for flexibility is why the top disposable vape manufacturers are now wheeling out the next generation of designs. They have one thing in common: ejuice capacity. While disposable vapes may have been initially designed as a travel vape or a bridge device to get you between bottles, they are now the everyday driver for countless adult vapers. While disposables certainly can provide a satisfying experience, they cannot be refilled and not the longest legged devices on the market. While refillable vape pods may hold 2, 3 or even 4ml of ejuice, most disposables hold 1.3ml.


But this is changing fast. There is a new wave of high capacity disposable vapes. We reviewed these in our deep-dive: the Longest Lasting Disposable E-Cigs. And the largest of these is the Hyppe Bar Max


Hyppe Bar



The original Hyppe Bar Disposable is a great device. The polyfill architecture and 280mAh battery are nearly identical to a Puff Bar. It even apes the squared off and minimalist mouth piece and arrow to point you to with side is the mouth piece. The flavors are great too. Hyppe Bar comes in scads of flavors and holds 1.3ml of ejuice. This is almost twice the capacity of a Juul pod. It also has a nic strength of 5 percent. All of this is great but if you are dead-set on a single flavor and it is available in the Hyppe Bar Max, it is worth trying one out.


Hyppe Bar Max



The Hyppe Bar Max is certainly a bit girthier than the typical disposable and cylindrical in shape. But it is not particularly outsized considering it contains almost as much ejuice as FOUR of the standard 1.3ml disposable ecigs that currently dominate the market.


The 5ml capacity and 5 percent nic strength makes the Hyppe Max a great option for ex-smokers looking for an easy to use and long lasting device for making the switch to vaping. The Hyppe Max has a 650mAh battery that would not be out of place in a refillable vape pod kit, except the Hyppe Max is already filled, charged and ready to go.


But vaping is more than just numbers. It comes down to flavor. The Hyppe Max delivers here too. If you live in a state that does not have additional flavor restrictions, here are your options.


Lush Ice Hyppe Bar Max


With a quality mix of watermelon and menthol ice, the Lush Ice Hyppe Max certainly has the flavor chops to compete with the best Lush Ice disposables. And it certainly has the competitors beat in the longevity department. Not overly mentholated or icy, there is plenty of refreshing fruit flavor in this nic salt. Unless you have an aversion to mint, it becomes obvious quickly why Lush Ice is one of the hottest flavors in nic salt vaping when you take a drag off of this Hyppe Max flavor.


Orange Soda Hyppe Bar Max


A tremendous citrus vape. The 5ml Hyppe Max is equivalent to an old-school 3 liter bottle of soda. A ton of flavor. But unlike the bottle, this disposable does not go flat near the end and delivers great flavor from start to finish. A fine citrus vape with a lot of sweetness for an orange and nice cooling on exhale, Orange Soda Hyppe Max is a balanced fruit nic salt that adult vapers will love.


Strawberry Banana Hyppe Bar Max


Creamy and distinct banana mixed with a tart and bright strawberry is a flavor gaining popularity by the day. These may be common fruits but they work uncommonly well together, especially in a smooth nic salt disposable. You know these flavors. You love these flavors. And they work great together in the Strawberry Banana Hyppe Max.


Mighty Mint Hyppe Bar Max


Hyppe Bar Max is one of the best mint disposable vapes and definitely the biggest. Cold, refreshing and clean tasting, Mighty Mint Hyppe Max the flavor that Juul Mint fans really missed. And it is back, possibly in its perfected form and certainly in a longer lasting device.


Peach Ice Hyppe Bar Max


There are a number of great peach disposables on the market, none match the ejuice capacity of the massive Hyppe Bar Max. Tons of sweet peach flavor here and a cold menthol layer keeps it from becoming too cloying. Peach may end up being the feature flavor in vaping this year. And it is easy to see why when you vape the Peach Ice Hyppe Bar Max.




Puff Bar Flow



The Puff Bar Flow is the only device that comes close to matching the Hyppe Bar Max in capacity. It holds 4.0ml of ejuice and a 5 percent nic strength. It is also available in a number of unique ejuice flavors not found in the regular Puff Bar Disposable Vape. The 650mAh battery matches the Hyppe Bar Max in capacity and the Puff Bar Flow has an adjustable airflow. This feature allows you to customize your vaping experience and makes it a truly premium disposable vape. This cylindrical vape actually looks a lot like the Hyppe Max but has a much looser draw unless you ratchet down the airflow.


Puff Bar Plus



The Puff Bar Plus has a very similar look and feel to the Hyppe Max but is a bit smaller. It holds 3.2ml of ejuice and has a 550mAh battery. Unlike the Hyppe Max, it is able to draw on the popular catalogue of original Puff Bar flavors. Puff Bar nic salts are not necessarily superior to Hyppe Bar, at least in my experience they are quite comparable, but they certainly are popular. The Puff Plus has a nic strength of 5 percent.


Posh Plus



The cylindrical Posh Plus inspired the massive Hyppe Max and Posh Flow, but it is a much shorter and more compact device. On paper, it contains 2ml of ejuice, which is considerably more than a typical disposable but definitely outclassed in the size department when compared to the other behemoths of the list. But the Posh Plus is very efficient, has a nice 450mAh battery, and punches above its weight when it comes to vapor volume and puff count. A worthy contender in every sense of the word, Posh does a great job with the flavors and the performance of the Posh Plus. The Posh Plus has a nic strength of 6 percent.


Sea Air Disposable Vape



Only one of the disposables on the list is not a cylindrical ecig and that device is the Sea Air. This is a great device and shaped like a credit card. Inspired by the Suorin Air Plus, the Sea Air is one of the best performing disposables and holds an impressive 2.6ml of ejuice. The flavors are spot on. Overall, the Sea Air is a flavorful and colorful package.