This is a guest post written by Keyzygirl from Key West, Florida. Laid back and vaping in paradise. I received my new pink OMG All Day mod today. I love the packaging. It comes in a very nice box that includes the mod, battery and charger. No chance of damage in shipping and it just feels nice to get a properly packaged unit. I charged up the battery and got it going. It is a nice little unit, seems sturdy and well made. I like it! I would recommend it as a nice PV mod for the price. I got the pink and its very pretty and comfortable to hold and use. The button is very nice and it feels good, its big and has a nice push to it. Buttons matter to me because I vape a lot and don't want a sore finger from a small uncomfortable button. This one is definitely a good size and shape. It's big and comfy and has a nice pressure to it.  That is important. The battery size is good, it's a  3.7v 18500,1500mah, which should last a good long time for an average vaper. I like at least 1500 mah. If you are going to go with a mod, you do not want to go down any lower, you want it to last longer or it makes no sense to switch from using stick batteries (like the Classic VK).You want to move up. This is a nice 808 unit. It's hard to find a mod with an 808 connection. If you have invested in 808 cartos and carto tanks, then this is a great choice for a mod. It was a great move on V4L part. Very good choice. I love mods and have quite a few and this one is a  nice 3.7v unit. I would recommend it to someone who wants to move up into something a bit bigger and more rugged than a stick battery. It would make a great first mod for anyone who uses 808 gear. It's the perfect next step. The OMG All Day mods come in yellow, blue, black and pink. I always get pink if it's available. I love pink mods. All of the colors look good. I like the texture of the mod also, it's not smooth and slippery, it has a nice feel to it. It has just enough texture to make a good grip. The paint seems to be on there pretty good and doesn't seem as if it will wear off at all. One issue to keep in mind is to be neat with it, and keep it clean. Where you screw on the carto there is no drip well to catch leaks and overflow, that can cause the paint to bubble and come off around the connector. Just be careful and clean it off right away if you notice liquid on it. It shouldn't be a problem if you are aware of it. Just keep an eye on it. All in all, I think it's a  great first mod for 808 users. I would definitely recommend it. I will enjoy using it. It seems well-built and attractive. Try one, I'm sure you would not be disappointed at all. It's a keeper. Pick a color and go for it. VAPE ON! Please join Keyzygirl on ECF and Facebook. Visit her blog at