I Love Salts versus Mr Salt E

Nic Salts


Nic salts ejuices have surged in popularity since their introduction a few years ago, as their greater potency allows smaller devices to provide a satisfying experience. Initially, they were associated with prefilled vape pod kits like Juul but it was not long before ejuice companies began to turn out excellent nic salts of their own.



The advantage of bottled nic salt ejuices is obvious. They are a much more efficient way to vape, as a 30ml bottle is far cheaper than buying individual pods that contain 0.7 to 1.8ml of ejuice. With bottle nic salts, you also have a choice of device. And there are a ton of great ones that are ideal for nic salts.


Refillable Vape Pod Kits


In order to get the most out of nic salts, a whole category of refillable vape pod kits has hit the market and they provide the convenience of a prefilled vape pod but often even better performance. Refillable vape pods kits ranging from the autodraw Smok Novo 2 to the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro, provide superior performance to any prefilled vape pod kit and will save you a lot of money both and long-term.



The Vapor Titan Clearomizer is one of the best ways to vape nic salts. If you are looking for something bigger and better, the mighty Vapor Zeus can handle low VG regular ejuice but really shines as a nic salt device. The Smok RPM40 gives the user the flexibility to enjoy all types of ejuice.



Nic salts have totally reshaped how people vape and two of the earliest entrants in the nic salt ejuice world are the I Love Salts and Mr Salt E lines of salt nic. 


I Love Salts



Mad Hatter EJuice first made waves with flavors like I Love Cookies and I Love Donuts. Continuing this successful naming strategy, they burst into the world of salt nic with their line of I Love Salts. Available in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength, the seamlessly smooth I Love Salt ejuices are available in a wide array of the flavors that adults prefer. I Love Salts nic salt Eliquids have a VG/PG ratio of 50/50.


This means they are perfect for refillable vape pod kits, the Vapor Zeus and the Vapor Titan Clearomizer. Mad Hatter EJuice has always been a big name in vaping, but as more adults embrace easy to use devices and nic salts, I Love Salts has almost become their flagship brand.


Blue Raspberry I Love Salts


Sweet and light, with a bit of berry tang, Blue Raspberry I Love Salts is perfect for nic salt lovers. If you are a current disposable vape user, this is a perfect flavor to transition to refillable device with. Crystal clear flavor, mild but complex.


Tropic Mango I Love Salts


One of the best Juul mango alternatives, I Love Salts Tropic Mango is a rich flavor. With tropical fruit notes, this not a hard candy or mango juice inspired flavor. Instead it draws on the depth of the actual fruit. And the result is fantastic. It is easy to see why mango nic salts have been consistently popular since they first hit the market.


Luau Lemonade I Love Salts


The summertime flavor of lemonade makes for a strong nic salt flavor, but Madhatter upped their game with Luau Lemonade I Love Salts. The addition of pineapple and watermelon sweetens the tart edge of lemonade without making the flavor overwhelmingly sweet. The pineapple flavor is very accurate and the watermelon adds a level of coolness that makes Luau Lemonade I Love Salts a delightful all day vape.


Strawberry Ice I Love Salts


Flavors like Strawberry Ice I Love Salts are exactly why so many adult former smokers have embraced disposable vapes. Only this time, the iced fruit nic is available in a convenient 30ml bottle. The mild strawberry would make for a fine nic salt on its own but it is even better when coated in a smooth menthol chill. The icy gust of menthol counteracts the sugary fruit flavors. The crispness of the mint is impossible to ignore. If you are a fan of Lush Ice and iced fruit disposables, you owe it to yourself to give this flavor a chance.


Blue Raspberry Ice I Love Salts


Blueberry Raspberry I Love Salts is a fruit and ice blend that competes with the best disposable vape flavors but is sold in an economical 30ml bottle. Perfect for a Vapor Titan or prefilled vape pod kit, the candied goodness of blueberry raspberry never gets too sweet. The tartness balances out the hard candy exterior. The cold ice blast is there on inhale, exhale and all points in between but is light enough so that fruit vape lovers will enjoy this fantastic flavor.


Grappleberry I Love Salts


I Love Salts Grappleberry is a delightful mashup of delicious fruit flavors: Plump purple grapes, shiny red apples, and tart handfuls of blueberries. The intense fruit flavors in I Love Salts Grappleberry stay well-balanced throughout each inhale, allowing your taste buds to savor the distinct and authentic flavor notes.


Fruity Cereal I Love Salts


A delicious and straightforward breakfast cereal vape that delivers fruit and cream flavors. With a flavorful profile lifted straight from a breakfast cereal that peaked in popularity back in the 1980s, this is a nostalgic trip down memory lane that adult vapers will love. Retro ejuice flavors appeal to adult vapers and this is a great example of how wrong anti-vapers are about flavored Eliquids.


Fruity Cereal I Love Salts is a smooth nic salt, sugar is not the only sweet flavor as the sundry fruit cereal flavors also shine through. Well balanced with milky elements, this is not just a breakfast companion but a flavor that can vaped all day.


Strawberry Candy I Love Salts


With a flavor inspired by fresh strawberries and candied gummi goodness, Strawberry Candy I Love Salts is a sweet and complex flavor that is ideal for nic salt vaping. A fine companion piece for their excellent Blue Raspberry, the strawberry is consistent from inhale to exhale. The candied elements ebb and flow between sweet and tart. A great nic salt for mouth to lung vaping.


Juicy Apples I Love Salts


A pure sweet apple nic salt, Juicy Apples I Love Salts has an apple juice sweetness that still maintains an authentic fresh picked fruit flavor.  There isn’t much more to say than that. If you are a fan of a apples and nic salts, this is a perfectly formulated ejuice. The sweetness never overwhelms and lends itself to a mild, all-day vaping experience.


Island Squeeze By I Love Salts


A combination of tropical fruits and strawberry, this juicy nic salt delivers the sort of complex fruit-centric experience that the vast majority of adult vapers prefer. The smoothness of the nic salt throat hit works really well and there is enough tart fruit flavor to keep Island Squeeze I Love Salts from becoming an overwhelming sugar bomb.


Sweet Tobacco I Love Salts


Sweet Cavendish tobacco naturally mimics the flavor of vanilla when barrel aged. The rough and earthy edge of tobacco has never been smoothed over so seamlessly. Sweet Tobacco I Love Salts manages to capture the essence of creamy Cavendish tobacco and the nic salt inhale is positively silken. If you are looking for a sophisticated tobacco nic salt, this is the flavor for you.


Spearmint Gum I Love Salts


Icy Menthol I Love Salts is the icy cold vape for menthol lovers. If spearmint hard candy and sweet mint is your thing, Spearmint Gum I Love Salts is a perfect nic salt for you. Adult vapers love mint and menthol nic salts because the coolness keeps the taste buds engaged and makes all-day-vaping easy. Spearmint Gum manages to pack in an icy blast in its own right but the sweet elements make this a complex vape than Icy Menthol. A great Juul Mint Alternative that fans of MyBlu Mint-Sation will also love.


Pacific Passion I Love Salts


I Love Salts Pacific Passion is a confluence of creamy coconut, strawberry and pineapple. Currents of flavor flow together smoothly and you will ride a wave of sweetness through exhale. Coconut gives this flavor added buoyancy this but does not stop the fruitiness from reaching flood tide.


Classic Tobacco I Love Salts


Classic Tobacco by I Love Salts is a rich and earthy tobacco flavor that is ideal for smokers that are making the transition to vaping. Bold and authentic, the smooth nic salt exhale and warmth of this flavor are perfect for former heavy smokers.


Classic Menthol By I Love Salts


An icy cold menthol flavor, fans of pure chill and menthol blasts will love Classic Menthol I Love Salts. One of the best Juul Mint alternatives, Classic Menthol is stark yet satisfying. The crispness and purity of the flavor will never fail to impress.


Mr Salt E



There is only one correct way to spell Mr Salt E but that does not mean you won’t see a ton of derivations: Mr Salty, Mr. Salt E-Liquid, or Mr Salt-E E-Liquid, etc.  No matter how it is spelled, there is no denying that Mr Salt-E is a top tier nic salt ejuice manufacturer. For those keeping tack, it says Mr Salt-E E-Liquid on the bottle. Remember the name, they are one of the biggest names in the nic salt game.


Mr Salt E nic salts are sold in 3L0ml bottles and are available in 2.5 and 4.5 percent nic strength. Mr Salt E has a VG/PG ratio of 60/40. This a bit different than the usual 50/50 ratio found in nic salts and gives their ejuices a creamier and denser vapor.


Mr Salt E is manufactured by Chrystal Distribution, one of Kentucky’s top ejuice makers. Established in Lexington in 2014, their Mr Salt E line is one of several precision crafted ejuice brands that they offer. Mr Salt E has an expansive lineup of flavors and it is time to take a look at them all.


Tobacco Mr Salt E


Adult vapers overwhelming prefer sweeter and more complex flavor profiles than are found in tobacco ejuices. But there is still a minority of vapers who prefer tobacco vapes and an increasing number of adults who have no choice but to vape tobacco juices or be funneled back onto combustible cigarettes.


Strict ecig laws punish marginalized groups but Mr Salt E Tobacco is not a punishing flavor. It tastes a lot like the cigarettes that adult vapers abandoned in favor of electronic nicotine delivery systems. The flavor is rich and there is next to no throat hit due to the use of nic salts. No matter how you ended up switching from the delicious fruit themed vapes that most adults prefer to tobacco ejuice, this is a flavor worthy of consideration.


Fruit and Menthol Mr Salt E


Do not be fooled by the generic name, Mr Salt E Fruit and Menthol is one of the best Lush Ice flavors on the market. We reviewed the best Lush Ice disposables and found a market saturated with outstanding contenders. The same holds true for the bottled nic salt market. Fruit and Menthol Mr Salt E is going head to head with VGod Lush Ice, if you are looking for the best Stig Lush Ice alternative, consider giving Fruit and Menthol a chance.


Strawberry Kiwi Mr Salt E


For Gen-Xers and older Millennials (X-Lennials), Kiwi Strawberry was an extraordinarily popular flavor made by a certain Snappily labelled, glass bottled lemonade company. Reversing the order of ingredients, if not the flavors, Mr Salt E Strawberry Kiwi has the rich tropical punch of kiwi and the tart, sweet kick of strawberry. These flavors are made for each other. This is one of the most popular nic salt flavors on the market for a reason.  


Orange Mango Guava Mr Salt E


Cleverly abbreviated “OMG”, it actually isn’t that amazing or surprising that this blend of tropical fruits would make a great nic salt ejuice. The ripe orange is juicy but never dominates. The mango is dank and balanced, as adult vapers have come to expect, and the sweetness of the guava is ties it all together. Mr Salt E Orange Mango Guava is a fantastic flavor that is crafted for the palettes of the majority of adult vapers, who greatly prefer fruit medleys to tobacco ejuices.


Munchies Mr Salt E


A direct rival to Fruity Cereals I Love Salts, Mr Salt E Munchies brings you the flavor of your favorite colorful, fruity cereal cereal. Lemon, lime, orange, grape and berry notes are backlit by a hint of creamy milk. A flavor patterned after a quintessential Reagan-era sugar coated cereal, this is exactly the sort of nostalgic flavor that adult vapers love.


Cotton Candy Mr Salt E


Another nostalgic trip down memory lane for adult vapers who prefer sweeter vaping flavors. Cotton candy first appeared way back in 1905 but really peaked in popularity 60 years ago. But it is still plenty popular and adult vapers with a sweet tooth will love this take on a carnival classic.


It is easy to picture yourself at the circus, Coney Island or on a trip down memory lane to the state fair. The overwhelming sugary goodness of Mr Salt E Cotton Candy delivers hints of raspberry, strawberry and blue raspberry. The flavor is precise and not too cloying, with tart fruit elements added to leaven the blast of cotton candy sugar.


Strawmelon Taffy Mr Salt E


Another classic mid-20th century confectionary treat, strawberry watermelon taffy and no carnival was complete without dozens of marks lining up to enjoy watch the old-school taffy stand in action. The appeal of taffy was always the flavor, and what was true of salt water taffy is just as true of nic salt taffy. Succulent strawberry, tart berry and sweet watermelon flavors are well-balanced in this all day vape. The flavor density is authentic and mimics actual taffy. You do not have to lament the taffy stands of yesteryear to enjoy Mr Salt E Strawmelon Taffy. It was crafted to appeal to adult vapers, who overwhelmingly prefer this type of sweet ejuice flavor profile.


Blue Razz Lemonade Mr Salt E


The sweet candy flavor of Blue Razz hard candy is well-matched with a tart yet sugary lemonade. Mr Salt E Blue Razz Lemonade is a balanced ejuice that delivers the exact flavors advertised. A very balanced and composed vaping experience.


Mixed Berries Mr Salt E


One of the best Vuse Alto Mixed Berry alternatives on the market, Mr Salt E Mixed Berries is an expert blend of sweet, sour, tart and fruity. A very accurate recreation of a mixed berry medley. No single flavor dominates, but notes of raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry are all easily discernible.


Peanut Butter Cookie Mr Salt E


A chewy peanut butter cookie, this is a spot-on dessert vape that is challenging and decadent. The peanut butter has enough sweetness to make this a viable all day vape and the crunchiness imparted in each inhale is brilliant. Mr Salt E Peanut Butter Cookie competes with the best dessert vapes and has a creamy finish that adds to the satisfying experience.


Grappleberry Mr Salt E


A head-on collision of green apple and strawberry, no fruits were harmed in the making of Mr. Salt-E Grappleberry. The intensity of both flavors is present. The sour green apple has both authentic fruit and hard candy notes. The strawberry brings its memorable flavor profile to the table. Mr Salt E Grappleberry shines as a portmanteau of vaping excellence.


Menthol Ice Mr Salt E


Menthol nic salts turned out to be an instant hit. Cold, simple, refreshing, balanced and easily vaped all day. There is a reason that Juul Mint was their most popular flavor, until it was pulled from the market. Mr Salt E Menthol Ice is there to fill the void, as one of the best Juul Alternatives. Cold as can be, it is not a candied spearmint but is leavened with enough sweetness to leave adult vapers demanding more.


Punch Mr Salt E


Brace your tastebuds for a jab of strawberry, a right cross of mango and an uppercut of lemonade. Mr Salt E Punch is throwing haymakers. A classic fruit punch flavor, this is an unusually refreshing and bold nic salt. Loaded with plenty of taste and balanced enough to be vaped all day.


Razzlemelon Mr Salt E


Blue Razz and watermelon are two of the most popular nic salt flavors with adult vapers. But not often are they combined to make a super flavor, as is the case with Mr Salt E Razzlemelon. Blue raspberry is a perfect partner an airy and sweet watermelon. There is mild tartness, blu razz candy notes and the delicate, distinct watermelon flavor that nic salt vapers love.


Oops Mr Salt E


Oops they did it again. This delectable vape flavor was created when the master formulators at Mr. Salt-E accidentally mixed a couple batches and found out it made for one miraculously tasty flavor. An infusion of complex lemon and sweet mixed fruit, it is tinged with strong hints of blueberry, and topped off with a refreshing wave of menthol flavor. Mr Salt E Oops is no mistake.


Grapplemelon Mr Salt E


A candied, sour green apple and watermelon blend, these quintessential nic salt flavors are well paired in Mr Salt E Grapplemelon. Adult vapers have embraced both of these flavors individually. As a pair, they bring even more vibrancy and brightness to the table.


Blood Orange Lemonade Mr Salt E


A tart lemonade taste with sweet blood orange, Mr Salt E Blood Orange Lemonade is designed for citrus vape lovers. Blood orange has almost raspberry flavor notes and these are present. It is still plenty sweet but there is a bit more tart than an orange juice inspired vape. This segues perfectly into a sugary and sour lemonade.


Orange Mango Guava Ice Mr Salt E


OMG is the call sign of the Millennial generation but it is also the initials of a vape juice flavor combination that adults prefer (and for those keeping track, Millennial does not equal minor. We are now between 24 and 40 years old).


The flavors of sweet orange, smooth mango, and exotic guava are really drawn out with an icy layer of menthol. This is the type of fruit ice flavor that adult disposable vape users have grown to love. In bottled form, Mr Salt E Orange Mango Guava Ice is an economical alternative that works perfectly in a refillable vape pod kit or Vapor Titan Clearomizer.


Strawberry Lemonade Mr Salt E


A tasty blend of ripe strawberry and refreshing lemonade, Mr Salt E Strawberry Lemonade is a great beverage vape with sugary, citrusy and tart elements throughout. Complex and vibrant, this is a fantastic vaping flavor and the type of flavor profile that adult disposable vape users should consider sampling.


Strawberry Custard Mr Salt E


Custard vapes are usually associated with low nic, high VG ejuices but they work well just as well with smooth nic salt ejuices. Strawberry Custard Mr Salt E is a smooth, sweet and outrageously delicious dessert vape. An alternative for fans of Juul Cream, the tartness and creamy finish just click.


Blackberry Mr Salt E


Blackberry Mr Salt E has the sweet, mildly tart and earthy undertones of fresh blackberry. A very realistic take on a popular berry, the authentic tasting flavor profile is impossible to mix. The beauty of using fruit to inspire an ejuice is that all the elements are there in a single flavor profile.


Watermelon Mr Salt E


As a standalone flavor, watermelon easily has enough complexity and depth to make a great nic salt. If you want fresh, light watermelon and nothing else, Mr Salt E Watermelon is the flavor for you. Adult vapers will be drawn in by the wispy and sweet flavors. The smoothness of the nic salt finish makes it even more refreshing. An altogether well rounded and high quality fruit vape.


Strawberry Mr Salt E


The fresh fruity strawberry flavor that anchors so many Mr Salt E nic salts is also available on its own. Mr Salt E Strawberry has the precise fresh picked strawberry flavor that you expect in a high quality nic salt and all the unique flavor elements that makes strawberry such a satisfying vape.


Mint Mr Salt E


One of the best MyBlu Mint-Sation and Juul Mint alternatives on the market, this is a sweeter and lighter level of cool than iced menthol. More like a spearmint hard candy. But there is still a blast of chill in every hit and the stark menthol flavor that so many adult nic salt vapers have embraced. Mr Salt E Mint is a great option for vape pod users who no longer can access their favorite mint flavors and cannot tolerate the flavor of tobacco vape juices.