This is a guest post written by bjfgator ~ Beth Fitzgerald from Nutter Fort, WV. She enjoys vaping, cooking, camping, laughing and writing. Instant Gratification Society We have become an instant gratification society: instant coffee, instant oatmeal, instant rice, instant tea, instant light, instant messaging, instant meals, instant loans, instant win, instant weight loss, instant access the list is infinite. During my years as a smoker, the trips to the corner convenience store were also infinite. Marshmallow Test Remember the marshmallow test from the 1960s? Preschoolers were tempted with one marshmallow but promised two if they could hold out for 15 minutes. Follow-up studies confirmed that those with delayed-gratification skills excelled in various life areas, as well as  test scores. According to Time Magazine*, subsequent studies on adults demonstrated that those with a greater ability to delay gratification had higher levels of activity in the impulse control region of the brain. It made me wonder if such a test would predict who or who would not be successful at vaping? What Defines a V4L  Vaper? Near the end of February, SashaLove started the "Getting to Know You" thread where members shared their backgrounds and life histories. During one of our visits with each other, my friend Lisa (MissEmma) and I pondered the diverse backgrounds and commonalities of our vaping friends on the forum. We surmised that people who have made the switch to vaping show a higher level of intelligence, the willingness to learn and explore all things vaping, and the ability to plan, order, and wait for product. It would certainly make for an interesting psychological study. While such a study would bring to light the positive, universal attributes of vapers, it would, unfortunately, expose that one, dark and chilling trait that V4L  vapers share  €“ obsessive postal person stalking. * bjfgator is active on the V4L forum and in Vapashopaholics  and can be reached at [email protected].