This is a guest post written by LadyStrick9, from Chesapeake, VA who often refers to herself as a "vapaholic". A few months ago my brother moved from Arizona to Virginia. He had gone through some major changes in his life and wanted his family close by. Part of me dreaded his moving because he was a smoker. I knew it would be difficult for me to be around someone who chain smoked. The last time he and I were together we both smoked heavily. We made plans and he arrived about three months ago. 2 packs/day Just as I thought, he was smoking about two packs a day when he arrived. That amount was reduced fairly quickly because no one smokes in my house. But I could smell it on him constantly! It  bothered me to watch  my brother  smoke one right after another. Adjusting to  the alternative When he first arrived, I  couldn't wait  to show him my V4L E-Cigarette. I even set him up with a nice battery and some cartomizers. He played along for a couple of days, but he coughed every time he inhaled. I asked my friends on the V4L Forum if this was normal. I learned that, yes, for some people it is. Sometimes people just starting out have to go through an adjustment period to experiment with different juices and nicotine levels.  My brother  became discouraged very easily and gave up. I was heart-broken, but made sure I didn't let him know. I reminded myself that I had been in that same situation just a few months ago. I refused to nag him because I know that would only turn him off further to the idea of vaping. The right time That was in January. Finally, about three weeks ago,  when he came back from
Photo courtesy of Flickr user "Fried Dough""
the local gas station with a pack of cigarettes  he said "this is my last pack! I'm tired of the money it's costing me and I'm tired of what it's doing to me!" He  asked me to  set him up with one of my "cigarette thingies". "Real-looking" e-cigarette I tried to contain my excitement as I put together a black Vapor Titan battery with a silver cartomizer. He looked in my storage box and saw the white shorty manual and said "what are those?" It dawned on me that he might be like I was when I started, wanting my e-cig to look and feel "real". So I said "they're the same. You want to try that one instead?" He eagerly said "yes, I think I'd like that better". I  gave him  a white manual shorty and a white automatic shorty with "faux filter" cartos  filled with blueberry juice in  24mg.
Faux Filter"
I held my breath as I handed them to him, explaining the difference between the manual and automatic. Not wanting to overload him with information, I simply explained the basics of inhaling and  encouraged him to take slow short puffs at first. He seemed to catch on without any coughing this time - hallelujah! Then I showed him how to take long slow puffs. About an hour later, I walked into the living room and he was leaning back in the recliner with his e-cig, casually taking drags and watching the vapor as it escaped his lips. It was all I could do to not laugh out loud watching his reaction. He said "you know, I think I could get use to this. It doesn't make me cough and I don't have to go to the garage". Did you notice? I can't begin to tell you how happy it's made me to see him make the switch. One day he said "did you notice? I haven't smoked a cigarette in two days!" I almost knocked him over with a hug. It's such a relief to have him on the vaping side with me! He seems very proud of himself too. If you have a friend, family member or co-worker who shows even the slightest interest in vaping, do them a favor and make yourself and your supplies available to them. Take the time to answer their questions and offer advice and samples. You can usually find LadyStrick9 on the V4L Forum networking with members and guests.