V4L is proud to introduce our brand new Original Vapor King Diamond Series manual batteries. We have been working on perfecting these batteries for much of the year. Our Auto Diamond Series ecig batteries came out in early 2011, and since then our customers have asked when we'll get the manual style battery for the Diamond Series. They were finally released earlier this week, just in time for the holiday season! Taking our time to make them right Vapor4Life has a pretty strenuous product development philosophy. We will do our best not to release any new products until they are ready. We have been through much iteration of samples of the manual Diamond Series, but we kept tweaking until we got it just right. We don't like to release new products just for the sake of releasing new products. Each new iteration must be an improvement to what we have on the market already, and we feel these Diamond Series batteries are a big step up from the manual batteries we have on the market now. We also test the competition, and I would feel comfortable putting these manual batteries head to head against any similar style batteries on the market today. Redesigned from the ground up "Redesigned from the ground up" might sound cliché, but in this case it is true. We analyzed every component of the battery, from the actual cell inside, to the manual switch, to the size of the air holes on the battery connection. We started sampling battery cells from all the various manufacturers, and decided we needed our cells to be built to our specifications. We contracted a battery cell manufacturer to make the cells specifically for V4L batteries with tighter quality control. We also wanted more out of each battery level (Short, Regular, and XL). Because the capacity of the batteries is increased, the tubes for the batteries are necessarily longer (about 8-9 mm longer for each size). Also the cells were designed with the Slim Charger in mind. The Slim Charger will charge these batteries to the greatest voltage, without overcharging. They will work with our older versions of chargers, but the battery life will be maximized with the Slim Charger. Next we looked at the switch. We choose a switch that is the most responsive for any manual batteries that we have had to date. Push the button and you're vaping! The airflow has also been maximized to give the best vapor and throat hit, without becoming too "airy."

More to come

The Original Vapor King Diamond Series manual batteries are the first of our new products that we're launching. Next up we will have Original Vapor King Stealth manuals, which will have a cool new feature (that €˜s a secret for now). Those should be released within a few weeks. We will have a few more battery releases in the next couple of months, hopefully including a "big" surprise. So stay tuned, because V4L is upping the excitement level to an all-new high! Until next time...VAPE ON!