Vapor4Life is excited to announce the launch of our latest ecigarette product - the V4L Automatic Dial-A-Volt. This is the only automatic variable voltage ecig battery available. It  joins the Dial-A-Volt family that contains four sizes of the manual V4L Dial-A-Volt. Like the manual version, this new auto battery also features the finest stainless steel connector and a soft, velvet touch shell. The sleek black, 1100mAh automatic variable voltage battery is the first of its kind.  KR808D-threaded, the device offers power ranging from 3.2 to 4.8 volts, and lasts for (most users) between 12 to 14 hours between charges.  To select your desired power, simply twist the silver dial at the bottom of the battery. The red line indicator points out the voltage you have selected. And now, for those who like knowing all the details, here are the tech specs:
  • Threading: KR808D
  • Capacity: 1100mAh
  • Voltage: Variable between 3.2 - 4.8 volts
  • Usage: 12 - 14 hours
  • Charge Time: 12 hours
  • Safety Cutoff Time: 10 - 13 seconds
  • Compatibility: CoolCart Cartomizers, WOW Vapor Cartomizers, 808-Style Tanks, Slim Wall Charger
To activate the battery, attach a cartomizer or tank filled with e-liquid, and inhale. When it no longer produces vapor, recharge the battery using the Vapor4Life Slim Wall Charger. When not in use, store your V4L Automatic Dial-A-Volt without the cartomizer attached. To maintain and keep your device functioning properly, we suggest cleaning the threading on your battery weekly using a cotton swab dipped in ethyl alcohol. Allow the battery to dry before use. Order your V4L Automatic Dial-A-Volt today to experience the purest form of vaping pleasure. Find the new battery on the Vapor4Life website here.