ultimo-blog   Picture yourself lounging on a rooftop terrazza on the Italian Riviera, lazily sipping an expensive Vermentino as you watch the sun dip below the horizon. There’s only one word that can describe an experience like that...Ultimo. That’s why we’ve named our new premier line of vape flavors Ultimo: because they transcend space and time to take you to places other e liquids only dream of. Ultimo Vapor E Juice gives you a sense of luxury and sophistication at an affordable price. Here’s a little bit more about what sets Ultimo vape flavors apart.   Hand-selected and Sampled by Vapor4Life Staff   At Vapor4Life, we sample every single product for quality and reliability before we make it available to our customers. With Ultimo, we’ve taken extra special care to select VIP flavors, which we were then hand-crafted to deliver a smooth, even taste with every puff. Our staff has sampled each of the 10 new Ultimo vape flavors to ensure the utmost care was taken in creating an all-day vape that our customers won’t want to put down.   Compatible with New Vape Mods and Tanks and Our Award-Winning Vapor Cigarettes   The new Ultimo e liquids can be used with our Vapor Zeus, which features the world’s strongest 5-volt automatic mod battery, and offers smokers an easy-to-use alternative with no buttons to press. We’re also carrying vape mods and accessories now, including the Vogue, Aspire Pegasus, the Aspire Triton 2, and more to come as we keep expanding our brand new Mod Shop.     Subtle 60/40 VG/PG Ratio   Our other e liquids are made with a 50/50 VG/PG (vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol) blend, except for those that are only made with vegetable glycerin. Ultimo features a 60/40 VG/PG blend. The higher VG content means you’ll be getting a less intense throat hit on the inhale. Each exhale is smooth and cool, and produces thick clouds of fragrant vapor.   10 VIP Vape Flavors   Ultimo has been so carefully blended that we’re only releasing the new flavors in small batches. As I mentioned above, we selected each one and then sampled it ourselves. And we’re big fans already. The result? 10 intoxicating tastes that include Forbidden Frozen Apple, Candy Crash, and Custard's Last Stand   Sleek New Design   A classy e juice has to come in a classy package to match it, right? Ultimo comes in a specially designed box, which opens to reveal a deep green bottle. This helps extend the life of your vape flavor and keep you vapin’ and smilin’ even longer.