Jazzy Boba Captures Bubble Tea Taste to a T

Saveurvape Buys Jazzy Boba

Saveurvape has become a major player in the vape juice industry. With a brand portfolio that includes SVRF Vapor, MET4 Vapor, The Standard Vape, The Originals, and Black Label E-liquid, they would seem to have all of their bases covered. But this spring they added some familiar faces to the mix: the Jazzy Boba vape juice line.

As reported on Business Wire, “This acquisition makes great sense for our customers, who told us that they wanted a product like this to be part of our core offering,” SAVEURVAPE CEO Lonnie Bozeman said. “We believe that by acquiring well-established and compliant brands, we better position SAVEURVAPE and our partners for success. We will continue to aggressively and strategically pursue acquisitions that support our mission of transitioning smokers to non-combustible products.”

This is all well and good, but what does it mean for the average vaper? If you are a fan of bubble tea, creamy vape juices and fruity vape juices it is great news. You are guaranteed easy access to a magical family of vape juice flavors that took the industry by storm in 2014. The best way to understand Jazzy Boba and its stablemates Manggo and Dewwy, is to understand Boba or bubble tea.

Boba Tea

Bubble or Boba tea first hit the mainstream in Taiwan during the 1980s. The basic foundation of this drink are tea and milk, but the drink has proven to be a canvas for creative interpretation. There are seemingly endless variations and ingredient combinations that have been incorporated into the boba tea formula.

The bubble name is attributed to the foam on the top of the tea when it is prepared. The inclusion of tapioca balls, nicknamed boba, dates to 1987. Served cold, the floating tapioca pearls require a special outsized straw. Tapioca pearls are made from cassava and steeped in caramelized sugar syrup, although versions that use fresh fruit instead are also popular.  

The two most popular varieties of boba tea are black pearl milk and green pearl milk boba tea. Although it originated in Taiwan, the drink can be found in any urban area. There are national chains that only serve boba tea, and it is a staple at many Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants. Now lets look into how well Jazzy Boba captured the essence of this chunky, flavorful treat.

Jazzy Boba

Jazzy Boba is not only the brand name, it is the original flavor and remains the best boba tea ejuice on the market. This flavor was a huge hit when launched in 2014, and Jazzy boba followed up with several additional flavors that reflect the wide variety of boba teas available on the market.

The original Jazzy Boba totally captures the bubble tea experience. The base is a jasmine tea but the tapioca taste is vivid and sweet. Very subtle and authentic, but not overpowering. The a refreshing jasmine infusion make vaping this dessert vape juice a sublime experience. The 70 percent VG ration gives provides the dense cloud cover that such a rich flavor profile demands. This is as realistic as it gets with a vape juice, and you don’t need a comically wide straw to enjoy the Jazzy Boba bubble tea experience.

Dewwy Boba

Honeydew fans will love Dewwy Boba but this flavor offers so much more. Formulated to taste just like a boba tea, it is easy to pick out the melon, tea, milk and tapioca flavor elements. Don’t worry fruit lovers, the realistic and mouthwatering honeydew flavor doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Dewwy Boba checks all the boxes: creamy, fruity, tart, sweet and complex. A 70 percent VG blend, Dewwy Boba is nuanced and complex enough to be enjoyed all day. 

Manggo Boba

Mango Boba is a realistic and imaginative take on the traditional mango jasmine boba tea. In a crowded field of mango ejuices, Mango Boba stands out because of the milky finish and hints of jasmine. It is remarkable how effectively Jazzy Boba has duplicated the flavor and mouthfeel of an actual boba tea, and this realism puts Manggo Boba in a category all its own.

Mango lovers have to check this flavor out, and fans of boba tea will adore the entire Jazzy Boba lineup. Manggo tastes totally authentic, no artificial sweetener aftertaste. Fans of creamy dessert vape juices will also love Manggo Boba. This smooth and creamy 70 percent VG vape juice has just a hint of tapioca on exhale.