Meet Joe. He is an order fulfillment technician and has worked at Vapor4Life for almost two years. He also helps out in the Smokeless Lounge & Store when it gets busy. Joe is a detailed and thorough "handy man" and did a lot of work getting the Lounge ready. He painted the walls and hung up shelves, always one to measure twice and cut once. Joe's top five favorite e-liquids are:
  • "White Boy" - a self-created mix of Waffle and Vanilla
  • Colonel Caramel
  • Outlaw Apple
  • V4L No. 7
  • "Stinger" -  a self-created mix of Kamel, Strawberry and Watermelon
In his spare time, Joe likes to play guitar and video games. Gears of War is his favorite with Scott Pilgrim  as a close second. Don't mess with Joe, because he has two green belts - one in Korean Tae Kwon Do, and the other in Shotokan Karate! His favorite book is  "A Brave New World". We want to know, what juice blends have you come up with? Tell us in the comment section below!