The Best Juul Mango Alternatives

Federal Flavor Ban

Prefilled vape pods with flavors other than tobacco and menthol have been banned by the federal government. If you live in an area where additional restrictions are not in place, disposable vapes and refillable vape pod kits are a great option. The majority of adult vapers prefer sweet, complex flavors like mango and there are a ton a delicious mango nic salts on the market. 

Best Juul Alternatives

Juul compatible pods and Juul Mango, Fruit Medley, Cucumber or Crème are no longer available on the US market. If you are looking a for a nic salt alternative to your favorite discontinued Juul flavors, check out these resource pages: The Best Disposable Vapes The Best Juul Crème Alternatives The Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives The Best Juul Cucumber Alternatives The Top Ten Juul Alternatives Juul versus Vuse Alto Juul versus MyBlu

Juul Mango Out of Season?

Sweet, sour, and subtle mango has been a go-to flavor for e-juice manufacturers for years. Unfortunately, the federal flavor ban has sown a bitter harvest for fans of sweet flavors like the popular Juul Mango. The total ban on flavored vape pods, apart from tobacco and menthol, has stripped the cupboard bare of the flavors that adults prefer. The good news is that there is a bumper crop of mango nic salt e-juices and disposable vapes still available in those states and municipalities that have not implemented additional strict ecig laws that punish marginalized groups. Here is your guide to Juul Mango alternatives.

Juul Mango Alternative Disposable Vapes

Mango Disposable Vapes

A desire for even greater convenience has rekindled the market for disposable vapes. They are great choice for beginners but provide more than enough satisfaction for a veteran nic salt vaper. Disposables are even more convenient than a Juul and provide the same tight draw and nic salt kick. They are a perfect Juul Mango alternative and there are a ton to choose from. Here are some of the best.

Mango Nectar Cali Bars

Juul Mango is gone. If you are looking for a great Juul Mango alternative, Cali Disposable Mango Nectar is a great place to start. The smooth drawing disposable has great flavor and contains nearly twice as much vape juice as a Juul pod, 1.3ml versus 0.7ml. The flavor is top shelf too. The mango notes are balanced and authentic. There is more ripeness than sugary syrup flavor but it still retains the brightness of fresh fruit. Cali Bars also have nic strength options, available in both 2 and 5 percent strength.

Frozen Mango Posh Plus

The Posh Plus is actually a bit shorter than the typical stick vape but is a stouter, cylindrical design. This wider shape allowed Posh to pack 2ml and big 450mAh battery into the Posh Plus. The result is a more powerful and long lasting disposable. The bigger vapor cloud pays off big-time with Posh Plus Frozen Mango. The icy chill really draws out the ripeness and tropical freshness of a great mango nic salt. The cool finish lends itself to all day vaping. And you really can vape all day with a Posh Plus. It is good for several hundred puffs and has a nic strength of 6 percent.

Mango Eon Stik Disposable Vapes

Eon Stix Mango Disposables share the same winning flavor as the Eon Pods Mango, but an even punchier 6.8 percent nic salt formula. The same creaminess, akin to Häagen-Dazs Mango Ice Cream, is present from start to finish. The Eon Stik has a capacity of 1.3ml, which is close to twice the capacity of a Juul pod. Any fan of Juul Mango should consider the Eon Stik as backup plan, but it is affordable and potent enough to function as a full-time Juul alternative.

Mango Mojo

The Mojo Mango disposable delivers a sweet and nectary Mango vaping experience. The almost floral notes are mild and have the hint of ripeness you expect in a quality mango ejuice. Each Mojo disposable contains 1.2ml of nic salt ejuice. Mojo Mango has a nic strength of 5 percent and is good for over 250 puffs. The tiny Mojo has a nice tight draw and has an extremely compact, rounded shape.

Mr Vapor Mango

Mr Vapor Mango is all the proof you need that nic salts and mango go hand in hand. With 1.3ml of nic salt ejuice and 5 percent nic strength will deliver plenty of vaping satisfaction. The flavor itself is a sugary smooth mango and checks all the boxes of a great tropical flavor. A bit of tartness keeps the flavor balanced and makes this a great vape to enjoy throughout the day. The convenient shape is reminiscent of a Juul.

Mango Puff Bar

Puff Bar Mango is jam packed with mango flavor. More floral and flavorful than Juul Mango, this is a solid choice for fans of fruity vapes. Puff Bar Disposable Vapes contain 1.3ml of nic salt, and have a nicotine strength of 5 percent. A very pure mango flavor, the tight draw and familiar shape of the Puff Bar disposable makes this compact device an excellent Juul Mango alternative.

Stig Tropical Mango

Tropical Mango Stig is true to the natural flavor of mango and does not stray too far into mango candy territory. But is still has enough sweetness to appeal to dessert and fruit vapers. This flavor is mild and never overpowering. The Stig is a tiny device but the 6 percent strength nic salt formula packs a punch. Although less than 3 inches in length, the Stig contains 1.3ml of ejuice. Depending on how deeply you inhale, this will deliver 270 or more puffs, equivalent to more than a pack of cigarettes.

Blow Stix Mango

Mango Blow Vape Stix is ready to rumble with the best mango nic salts on the market. The gentle mango flavor is more akin to a ripe mango than a mango candy. It is not overly sweet but inhale is still quite flavorful. You get a sense of the tartness and ripeness of mango, but the exhale is smooth and doesn’t have an overly tart aftertaste. The sweetness is well-modulated and this level of smoothness is possible thanks to the nic salt formula used in Blow Stix. Blow Disposable Vape Stix are designed to deliver a rewarding all day vape.

Plus Pods Mango

Juul Mango has been tossed in the ashcan of history. But there are still great Juul Mango alternatives on the market and Mango Plus Pods Disposable is one of the best. The nectary mango is bold and bright. The flavor is smooth and never overwhelming. The precise flavor of mango is present from inhale through exhale. Plus Pods Disposables are a great value too. The 1.2ml of nic salt is nearly twice as large as a Juul pod and the nic strength of 6 percent is plenty satisfying and 20 percent stronger than a Juul pod.

Boss Mango Disposable

Just because Mango Juul is no longer on the market does not mean that you cannot enjoy a flavorful mango vape in a convenient and discrete device. Boss Vape Mango has a rich tropical flavor that fans of Juul Mango will love. With an authentic flavor that is closer to real mango than mango candy, the rich and ripe flavor tones are almost floral in their delicacy. A true-to-life mango essence dominates the exhale and the nic salt formula is smooth as silk.

Mango Ice Disposables

Mango works great on its own, witness the popularity of Juul Mango, but it can also play nicely with others. It is no accident that there are so many Mango Ice and other blended ejuices on the market. Mango Blends work particularly well with tight drawing and flavor dense disposable vapes. If you are looking for a Juul Mango alternative with a bit more complexity, these disposable mango blends are a great starting point.

Sweet Orange Zaero Disposable Vape

may not contain any mango per se, but it is my personal favorite Juul Mango alternative. It may be a stretch to include it on this list, but the combination of citrus punch and tropical fruit is tough to beat.The sweetness of inhale is perfectly balanced out with a tart orange finish.Zaero disposables contain 1.8ml of ejuice and are available in four nicotine strengths: 0, 1.8, 3 and 5 percent. Most disposables only give you one nic strength option.

Mr Vapor Orange Mango Guava

takes your taste buds on a tropical journey that lasts all day. Each Mr Vapor disposable is loaded with 1.3ml of 5 percent nic salt. This is a citrusy delight, but the mango and guava refuse to let the fresh sliced orange flavor steal the show. A tremendous combination of flavors, Mr. Vapor OMG is a great option for fans of Juul Mango and ideal for beginning vapers.

OMG Puff Bar Disposable

is another Orange Mango Guava nic salt vape juice. This is a bright and stunningly delicious flavor combination. A juicy, dead-on realistic orange flavor is triple stacked on finely balanced mango and a sticky sweet guava. Puff Bar has provided a great cross section of citrus and tropical fruit flavors. This is a rock solid Juul Mango alternative. You may even want to round up the actual fruits being honored by this 5 percent nic salt, and see if it works half as well as an actual fruit juice.

Posh Mango Frost

is a serious contender and a worthy Juul Mango alternative. When it comes to mango nic salts, you better be ready when you step to the throne. There are a lot of heavy hitters and Posh can mix it up with the best. Posh Mango Frost is their take on the classic Mango Ice. Big time sweetness, mango flavor notes, floral exhale and all of these authentic flavors coated in layer of cooling mint. Available in 6 percent nic strength, each Posh Disposable contains 1.8ml of nic salt. This equals a lot of vaping enjoyment from a compact and affordable design.

Stig Iced Mango Bomb

is a flavor that both fruit and menthol vapers will adore. You get a fresh, sweet and juicy mango flavor that is balanced out by a cool menthol finish. It is amazing that an ultra-compact disposable vape can deliver this much flavor and vaping satisfaction. Loaded with 1.2ml of potent 6% nic salt, each Stig is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

Mango Ziip ZPods

Mango Z Pods boasts an upgraded nic salt formula which is bursting with even more flavor than previous the previous Mango Ziip Pod disposable Z-Pen. Despite the boisterous fruit tones, this is a flavor that does not venture into the world of candied mango. Instead, it holds the line with enough tart and ripe flavor notes to keep Mango ZPods perfectly balanced. ZPods are tight drawing, stick style disposable vapes.

Blow Stix Strawberry Mango

Strawberry can get a bit sweet for some vapers but Blow Stix avoided this issue by blending in a rich and ripe mango. The combination is perfectly balanced. Smooth Mango is present on inhale and crisp strawberry dominates the exhale. This is a flavor that can be enjoyed all day. Each Blow Stix has a nic strength of 6 percent and contains 1.2ml of nic salt vape juice.

Mango Peach Pineapple Pop Disposable Vape

A well-balanced blend of fruit flavors always makes for a great vape. Mango Peach Pineapple Pop Vape seamlessly harnesses the complimentary flavor notes of three popular fruits to create a flavor that is superior to the sum of its formidable parts. A ripe and authentic mango base is elevated with the syrupy flavor of ripe peach and the sweet notes of fresh pineapple.

Refillable Vape Pods

Disposable, closed vape pod systems are not for everyone. There are plenty of refillable vape pod kits on the market that have been optimized for nic salt e-juices. Refillable pods can be fueled by a virtual galaxy of amazing flavors and are a better price performer. A 30ml bottle of nic salt e-juice usually runs about $20, which represents huge savings when you figure it takes over forty 0.7ml Juul pods to equal a single bottle. We have reviewed many of stalwarts in the refillable pod system solar system. The autodraw Smok Novo, which we compared to its predecessor in our feature Smok Novo versus Smok Novo 2, is a great example of how simple a refillable vape pod kit is to use. This autodraw device has great battery life, is easy to fill and to vape. Exactly what most adults are looking for in a vape. The UWell Caliburn is another popular device, with both autodraw and button fire activation. The high-end Lost Vape Orion DNA Go is the Ferrari of pod mods, the tiny Smok SLM tight-drawing and refillable device that is no bigger than a pen, and the versatile Smok Nord provides tremendous bang for the buck. We also compared the Smok Novo to the Smok Nord to show that there are plenty of differences beneath their honeycombed, cobra skin color schemes. Time tested mainstays from team Suorin, the Aspire Breeze 2, and Smok Novo are other reliable options with excellent performance. But lets stay focused on the mango nic salt e-juices that fuel them.

Mango Nic Salts

VGod Mango Bomb

If you are looking for the best Juul Mango Alternative, Mango Bomb VGod should be on your short list. A ripe and authentic mango, this is not an overly sweet candied vape. Mango Bomb is complex, bright and explodes with fresh fruit flavors. With nicotine strength options of 2.5 and 5 percent and sold in 30ml, VGod nic salts deliver the flavors made famous by the Stig disposable directly to your own economical refillable vape pod kit.

VGod Iced Mango Bomb

The explosive flavor of Mango Bomb is twice as nice with a layer of ice. Mango Bomb VGod is a tremendous flavor on its own but the cold minty exhale really draws out a deep and rich mango flavor. Iced Mango Bomb Nic Salt juice by VGOD is the same vape flavor that is used in the popular Iced Mango Bomb Stig Vape.

VGod Tropical Mango

VGOD has two great mango flavors available in 30ml bottles. Tropical Mango is the fruiter and more subtle of the two, with very realistic flavor notes that make this a great Mango Juul alternative. With strong notes of sweetness, mango fans will delight in the complex flavors that VGod has extracted from this silky smooth salt nic.

TWST Salt- Mango Cream Dream

has a scrumptious flavor that guides you into an ethereal world of grace, balance and perfect flavor. The freshness of mango is present in every puff, but the creaminess of Twst Mango Cream Dream places this nic salt firmly in the dessert camp. And like any great dessert, there is always room for more. Were you searching for a mango salt nic that is sweet, smooth and silken? Your dream has not been deferred. It has been realized.

Amazing Mango Naked  

Naked Amazing Mango stands out from the crowd and deserves to be considered amazing. The title is not self-proclaimed. The mango flavor is nailed down perfectly. All the elements that make mango ejuice such a popular nic salt option are there. But it takes more to catapult a vape juice into the realm of amazing. Naked Amazing Mango’s secret is a peach and cream blend that smooths off the tart edges on exhale. The creaminess of the peach flavor meshes perfectly with the tropical mango, but both are easily discerned on exhale and inhale. Naked Amazing Mango Salt comes in a 30ml bottle. It is available in 3.5 and 5 percent nic strength.

Icy Mango Pachamama Salts

Pachamama Icy Mango is built off of a foundation of sweet and tart mango. The juiciness is then locked in with a blast of cooler than cool menthol. This combination was born to be a nic salt and is great Juul Mango alternative. The herbal mint adds a polar freeze to the tropical breeze of authentic mango flavor. The intense and cool fruitiness on exhale will have menthol lovers coming back for more. Fans of menthol and fruit vapes will adore the tropical chill of this mirror smooth flavor.

SVRF Salts Refreshing 

SVRF Refreshing refreshes the classic mango ejuice formula with the addition of cool cantaloupe and tropical papaya. Cantaloupe is the leadoff batter, cooling the nic salt throat hit with a sweet, creamy and delicate flavor. There is a reason why mango and papaya are teamed up in so many smoothies and salads, it is a flavor profile that simply works. The combination works just as well in e-juice. SVRF Refreshing is sweet and smooth. It will satisfy your need for clean, authentic tropical fruit flavors and is available in 2.4 and 4.8% nicotine strength.

No. 42 By Beard Salts

Beard Salts No. 42 can be thought about in boxing terms. In the sweet science of boxing, beard describes how well you can take a punch. If you have a good beard, you have a jaw of granite and are almost impossible to knockout. But the term “sweet science” takes on a whole different meaning with Beard Vape Company’s #42 Cold Fruit Cup e Juice. This punchy combination of fruit flavor and icy menthol floats like a butterfly across your taste buds and is an irresistible force that you will want to vape all day.

Baton Island Mango 

Mango Island Baton is a strong entry in a crowded field. Baton Island Mango really captures sweet and perfectly ripened mango. It lacks the greenness that some mango nic salts deliver and is heavy on sweet and tart notes. There is no mistaking this flavor for anything but mango. Available in 10ml bottles, it is well worth checking out this delicious nic salt. Ideal for the Baton V2, Island Mango comes in 2.5 and 5 percent nic strength. It checks all the boxes as a great Juul Mango alternative.

Crisp Salts Merry Mango

Merry Mango Crisp Salts bursts with flavor out the gates but levels off on exhale. This strong entry in the mango nic salt field is available in 2.4, 3.6 and 4.8 percent nicotine strength. Crisp’s approach to mango really brings to mind the juiciness rather than the pulpy fruitiness. There is almost a hint of strawberry that ratchets up the sweetness but it still has the sour tart notes that make mango great.

 Mr. Salt-E Orange Mango Guava

Orange Mango Guava Mr. Salt-E is a confluence of three essential fruit flavors. The mango is smooth and complex enough to stand on its own, but it is pushed to new heights when paired with orange and guava.  This nic salt ejuice will satisfy your sweet tooth but with a citrusy tang that gives it an authentic fruit flavor. The guava gives it an extra layer of taste that makes the exhale intoxicating. There is a reason why Mr. Salt-E is a huge player in the nic salt market. This blend is 60 percent VG, so the clouds it delivers are strong but the throat hit doesn’t suffer.

Mr Salt-E Orange Mango Guava Ice

Mr Salt-E Orange Mango Guava Ice is twice as nice. There is no reason that menthol fans should be left out of the tropical fruit party and what an amazing entry this is. The same sweet, tart, layered brilliance is present but is strengthened by a sheet of menthol ice on top. This is an energizing flavor and can be enjoyed for hours on end.

I Love Salts Tropical Mango

I Love Salts Tropical Mango is not just your average nic salt blend. There is so much competition in the nic salt field that you have to bring your A-game to compete. A combination of mango, pineapple and coconut, Tropic Mango is a worthy contender. It leads off with a sweet-sour mango hit and the coconut gives it a mellow, almost creamy finish. The vibrancy and sweetness of the flavor burst out at you on inhale with a bold infusion of pineapple.

No Longer Available 

The items listed below are no longer available on the US market. For more information on banned vaping flavors, check out our feature on the Federal Vape Flavor Ban and our continually updated State Vape Ban Guide

Juul Mango Alternative Vape Pods

MyBlu Mango Apricot is a cheery, mild and complex flavor. A former Von Erl flavor, Mango Apricot has a nic strength of 2 percent, and delivers a mild throat hit. The apricot flavor is prevalent throughout each puff and mango adds fresh, ripe notes to balance the sweetness. Exceptionally mild, MyBlu Mango Apricot Liquidpods come two to a pack and each vape pod contains 1.5ml of regular ejuice. MyBlu Intense Neon Dream mixes the sweet and tart flavors of citrus with a subtle cream finish. The result is a unique and flavorful vaping experiences. The smoothness of the exhale is a testament to a solid nic salt formulation, which gives MyBlu Neon Dream a nic strength of 4 percent. This a great flavor for a prefilled vape pod. Mixed Berry Vuse Alto is not a mango flavor but it is my personal favorite fruit flavored prefilled vape pod. Jammy, rich and with a hint of tart, this is an amazing nic salt flavor and punches with a flavor that is competitive with any nic salt on the market.

Juul Compatible Mango Pods

If you want to keep using your Juul device, but can’t find Juul Mango, these compatible pods are a great solution. Each one provides an outstanding and distinct mango flavor. You may end up preferring them to the Juul Mango, and in every case they are a better value. Ziip Pods Mango are a bit sweeter than Juul Mango. The flavor is very true to the flavor of the fruit and does not stray into the world of sugary mango candy. It has a cool pull, the mouth feel is almost reminiscent of menthol but without a trace mint. The unmistakable flavor of pure mango provides a refreshing hit with a nice nic salt bite. Ziip Pods are available in three nicotine strengths: 1.8. 3, and 5 percent. Each pod holds 1ml, which is almost 50 percent more than a Juul. VQ Pods Mango Bliss delivers a pure, authentic mango flavor. With notes of sour tartness, it provides a very nicely balanced hit. The smoothness of the VQ Mango Bliss belies its 5 percent nicotine level. Mango Bliss stands out on its own and is much more than a mere alternative to Juul Mango. Sweet Mango Just Mango Pods is an excellent Juul Mango alternative. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. A company named Just Mango should make an outrageously delicious, Juul compatible Mango pod. Sweet Mango unfurls the full majesty that is fresh mango in every crisp vapor cloud. The pure, sweet mango flavor teases the taste buds with sugary fruit and the mild tartness that makes a mango a mango. The exhale is crystal clear to the last puff. Plus Pods Mango have a more subtle mango flavor than the Juul. The flavor is still all mango but it is a bit less in your face. The result is a flavor that can be enjoyed all day and the 6 percent nicotine juice is actually more potent than Juul. Combined with a larger pod size, 1 ml versus 0.7 ml, you should get a lot more mileage from a Plus Pod than a Juul. Eon Pods Mango is a bit creamier than Juul Mango. This is a feature for vapers who stick with the same flavor all the time. It is almost impossible to get tired of something this good. Anyone who vapes will love this juicy ode to tropical mango. It is reminiscent of Häagen-Dazs Mango Ice Cream. Available in 6 percent nicotine strength, this tight drawing 1 ml pod is a great Juul Mango alternative. Sea Pods Mango delivers the rich and unmistakable flavor of mango. The accents of sweet and a bit of tart are balanced perfectly. You will get plenty of mileage, and even more enjoyment, out of each 5 percent nic salt pod Mango Sea Pod. Cali Pods Mango manages to stand out from the pack with its silky smooth inhale and dead-on authentic taste. Packing a 5 percent nicotine punch, each 1 ml pod is about equal to a pack of cigarettes. There are some legendary mango vapes out there. Cali Pods competes with the best of these.

Juul Compatible Mango Blends

The mix of sour and sweet in mango stands on its own as a vape flavor, but mango is also a flavor that plays well with others. Here are some Juul compatible tropical flavor blends that were made for mango lovers. 4X Pods Mango Peach Pineapple has a mango forward profile, but the inclusion of peach and pineapple evens out some of the tartness of the mango. A bit lighter than a traditional mango, this is a very refreshing option for anyone looking for more than just fresh mango flavor. 4X pods have a much higher nicotine strength than Juul, 6.5 percent, and these Juul compatible pods are a great bargain. Ziip Pods Iced Mango combines their magnificent, sweet mango pod with the crispness of menthol. This adds a new dimension of intensity and icy refreshment to an already top notch flavor. Menthol lovers will love this trip to the tropics and mango fans will never get tired of the cooler than cool menthol flavor multiplier. SeaPods Mango Menthol manages to breakaway from the pack with the strong realism of their mango fruit flavor. The perfect ratio of frigid menthol that greets you on inhale, and mixes with a mango tang to smooth the exhale. Each compatible pod is chock full of icy mango nic salt vape juice, which hits smoothly at 5 percent strength.

Juul Alternative Mango Pods

Juul may be the big name in the game, but there are other disposable nic salt pod systems that offer great performance and their own set of fantastic mango flavors. Phix Pods Mango pack a slightly heavier hit than the Juul Mango, perhaps due to the proprietary design and ceramic coils of the Phix Vape device. You will love the fact that the pod holds 1.5 ml and the battery has a bit of extra oomph compared to a Juul. But what matters are the flavors, and Phix Mango is a major league player: Fruity, strong and balanced. It provides the quintessential mango vaping experience. Bo Vape Mango is as smooth and cool as a tropical breeze. The mango flavor is rich and juicy, not too sweet. It is more flavorful than Juul Mango but never loses the essential mango that you demand. The Bo Vape Kit also has much to recommend as a Juul alternative and the Bo Plus has an 800 mAh battery and airflow control.