Juul Israel Earlier this summer, the Israeli government, taking advice from its Health Ministry, banned the sale of nicotine salts pods above 20mg. The decision was prompted by the recent arrival of Juul onto the Israeli market. Juul products are well-known for their high nicotine content. In fact, their 5.0% nicotine salts pods are one of the company’s main selling points. The official proposal from the Israeli Health Ministry said that high-nicotine salts pods were a grave health risk to the public. Juul appealed the decision, and asked for a temporary injunction which was not granted, and the ban went into full effect on September 3. The courts have not yet issued an official ruling on Juul’s appeal of the ban, in which the company accused the Israeli government of targeted legislation.

Israel’s relationship with vaping

The ban on high nicotine vaping products is the first true piece of legislation to touch the industry in Israel. There are no other restrictions or rules that govern the sale of e-cigarettes or other smokeless products. Israel does not even have a minimum age for the purchase or use of vaping products, though Juul’s company policy is not to sell products to minors, regardless of local law. E-cigarettes offered by tobacco companies have not been targeted by the ban, which seems to have been aimed specifically at Juul.

Lower Nicotine Juul Pods

That hasn’t shut Juul out of the Israeli market, though. In response to the ruling, the company will be offering pods of a lower nicotine content. Juul also does business in the United Kingdom, where they already offer a 20mg nicotine pod to comply with the European Union’s Tobacco Product Directive. It is unclear whether Great Britain’s exit from the European Union might leave the market open for Juul to reintroduce their high-nicotine pods. As Juul continues to expand globally, its strategy seems to be to enter each new market with their 5.0% mg/ml pods unless told otherwise. The company will be launching its first Canadian sales this year, offering its signature 59mg pods. Currently the United States is the only country where Juul’s 5.0% mg/ml pods are sold. The 20mg option for Juul products offer limited flavors. Customers looking to enjoy lower-nicotine pods for their Juul products can still buy third-party compatible nicotine salts pods at lower concentrations and a wider selection of flavors.