Juul versus MyBlu

Disposable Vapes


A darkhorse contender in the battle for nic salt supremacy is the resurgent category of disposable vapes. They are competitive in the price tag department with prefilled vape pod kits and offer a wider selection of flavors. The federal flavor ban nixed prefilled vape pod flavors, leaving disposable vapes the only game in town for adult vapers looking for a device that does not need filling and is still available in the bright, buoyant flavor profiles that the vast majority prefer.


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My Von Erl



After years of scrapping for market share in the competitive ecig market, Imperial Tobacco chose a different approach with the MyBlu. Fontem Ventures, a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco and owner of e-cig company Blu, bought Von Erl.


This allowed Fontem to rebrand the popular My Von Erl vape pod kit. Everything from the Liquidpods name to the appearance of the device itself can be attributed to the efforts of the Tyrol, Austria based Von Erl ecig company.


The acquisition of the Von Erl design has allowed Blu to take the plunge into a prefilled vape pod kit market that is dominated by Juul. The addition of vape pod device which is compatible with nic salt pods has greatly strengthened Imperial Tobacco’s vaping lineup.


Several of the popular Von Erl flavors carried over as well. Blue Ice, Green Apple, Mango Apricot and Tabak Vanilla have all found a new home and some a new name as well, in the MyBlu family.




MyBlu is a compact and discrete prefilled vape pod kit. It is an autodraw device with a tight draw. Unlike its rivals from Vuse and Juul, the MyBlu Liquidpods are available with either regular nicotine or nic salt ejuice formulas. The nic flavors are sold under the Intense banner and have a nic strength of 2.5 or 4 percent. The regular ejuice Liquidpods range from 2.0 to 3.6 percent.


MyBlu was designed to appeal to smokers. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of flavors. It is available online but is also a staple of brick and mortar establishments.


With the addition of the Intense line of nic salt flavors, the MyBlu finds itself pitted head to head with the market dominating Juul. For the full story on the Juul device and nic salts, check out our feature: The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed.


MyBlu is not the first challenger to the throne. We compared RJ Reynolds entry into the prefilled vape pod kit space in a comparison that pitted the Juul versus Vuse Alto.



MyBlu versus Juul


As far as the tale of the tape, there is not much to separate the MyBlu from the Juul. MyBlu pods have lower resistance coils across the board, 1.3ohms versus 1.8 to 2.0ohms for Juul pods. This is almost certainly due to the fact that the MyBlu offers a wide range of regular nicotine based ejuices. The classic ejuices have a stronger throat hit than a Juul. The Intense line have a slightly lower nic strength, 4 versus 5 percent, but the greater vapor production offsets this difference.


The MyBlu is a slightly larger device than a Juul. It is about a half inch longer and fractionally wider. It has a rounded mouthpiece, which I prefer to the squared off Juul design. It has a decent heft to it and has a generally high quality feel. Much of this difference can be traced to the MyBlu’s greater pod size. MyBlu Liquidpods hold 1.5ml of ejuice versus 0.7ml in a Juul.



The MyBlu is also the more powerful device, although neither is going to win any output contests. The MyBlu kicks out 10.5 watts where the Juul is closer to 8 watts. The Vuse Alto also works in the single digit wattage range. To cope with the greater pod capacity and output, the MyBlu battery is 350mAh. A Juul has a battery capacity of 200mAh.


With a bigger pod and bigger battery, the MyBlu weighs 50 percent more than a Juul. But a weight differance of 14g versus 21g is not going to make a reasonable difference to most people. The Vuse Alto, with a similar juice capacity weighs in at 22g.  



As far as performance, there are two distinct MyBlu experiences. With the regular ejuice liquid pods, it has fairly authentic throat hit and a tight draw. This is especially true if you sample the high end of the scale and the 3.6 percent nic strength flavors.


The Intense are more directly comparable to a Juul. They are smooth, as expected from a nic salt, and the flavors are very crystalline and pure. The draw is tight enough for mouth to lung vaping and the autodraw operation makes this a great option for smokers transitioning to vaping.


A final potential advantage held by MyBlu is the MyCare warranty. myCARE. With MyCARE™, you get a lifetime guarantee for all myblu devices. If your myblu isn’t working perfectly, they will replace it.



MyBlu versus Juul Flavors


Juul recently axed most of their flavors, with the exception of the popular Mint and some tobacco options. If you are looking for an alternative to Juul Mango, check out our signature deep-dive, The Best Juul Mango Alternatives. We have found the The Best Juul Crème alternatives and did the heavy lifting to help fans of Juul’s polarizing fruit vape in our feature on The Best Juul Fruit Medley Alternatives.


Juul may be leaning heavily on Mint for future sales but MyBlu still has a stacked lineup. It is time to sample and review MyBlu’s stacked lineup of liquid pods.


MyBlu Liquidpods


It can be a bit confusing to navigate the world of MyBlu Liquidpods. What needs to be kept in mind is that there are two lineups. Both are completely compatible with the MyBlu device and there an overlap in nicotine strengths. MyBlu Intense are nic salts and as mentioned above, available in 2.5, 3.6 and 4 percent nic strength. The standard MyBlu Liquid Pods use a standard ejuice. They range from 1 to 3.6 percent. The nic strengths are all over the place, depending on the flavor. So the most easiest way to tell if you are looking at a nic salt or a regular ejuice pod is the Intense logo at the top.



MyBlu Flavors


Melon Time MyBlu Intense


It is almost impossible not to love the refreshing flavor of MyBlu Intense Melon Time. The sweetness is never overpowering and perfectly matched with the crisp melon flavor notes. MyBlu Melon Time is stunningly smooth for a 4 percent nic salt formulation. This is a great choice for vapers who love fruit ejuices which do not overpower with cloying sweetness. Melon flavors just work well with nic salts and this is no exception.


Tobacco Chill MyBlu Intense


A rich tobacco with hints of mint, MyBlu Intense Tobacco Chill is an ideal flavor for menthol smokers. The taste is incredibly precise, closely mimicking a combustible cigarette. The earthiness and darkness of the tobacco flavor is polished to a sparkling sheen with a bold and icy finish. MyBlu Tobacco Chill is a nic salt formula and available in 4 percent strength. It lacks the throat kick of the regular ejuice tobaccos but is still a great option for a recent menthol smoker looking to switch to vaping.


Honeymoon My Blu Intense


MyBlu Intense Honeymoon will take you to the land of milk and honey. The inhale is sweet and nectary. The exhale is a smooth. MyBlu Honeymoon’s creaminess makes this nic salt especially silky. A 4 percent nic strength formula, Intense Honeymoon is a well balanced flavor.


Neon Dream MyBlu Intense


MyBlu Intense Neon Dream mixes the sweet and tart flavors of citrus with a subtle cream finish. The result is a unique and flavorful vaping experiences. The smoothness of the exhale is a testament to a solid nic salt formulation, which gives MyBlu Neon Dream a nic strength of 4 percent. This a great flavor for a prefilled vape pod.


Citra Zing MyBlu Intense


MyBlu Intense Citra Zing is a tart and sassy nic salt which delivers the citrus flavor that vapers love. An extra tangy kick that makes this one of their best flavors. There is a lightness to the citrus that keeps this flavor from getting too aggressive, but MyBlu Citra Zing has more than depth to make this an all-day vape. Available in a 4 percent nic salt formula.


Mint-Sation MyBlu Intense


Menthol vape fans are an uncompromising lot and MyBlu gives them plenty of icy flavors to choose from. MyBlu Intense Mint-Sation draws from a wide range of minty inspirations. Fresh peppermint and aromatic spearmint are perfectly matched in each puff. And you will get plenty of puffs, as MyBlu Mint-Sation vape pods contain 1.5ml of ejuice and are sold in two packs. Available in 3.6 percent nic strength, this smooth and frigid nic salt formula delivers exactly what menthol lovers are looking for.


Tobacco MyBlu Intense


MyBlu Intense Tobacco was designed to mimic the bold and robust flavor of rich tobacco. Hearty and rich, anyone who vapes will appreciate the authenticity of MyBlu Tobacco Intense. A bit less throat kick than the regular Liquidpods, this is still a good option for smokers who want to try switching to a vape pod kit.


Gold Leaf MyBlu


Smooth, bright and leafy, MyBlu Gold Leaf is a perfect alternative for anyone who loves tobacco vape juices and for smokers looking to switch to vaping. My personal favorite MyBlu tobacco vape, it is subtle and aromatic. MyBlu Gold Leaf pops with flavor. Available in 2.4 percent nic strength.


Mango Apricot MyBlu


MyBlu Mango Apricot is a cheery, mild and complex flavor. A former Von Erl flavor, Mango Apricot has a nic strength of 2 percent, and delivers a mild throat hit. The apricot flavor is prevalent throughout each puff and mango adds fresh, ripe notes to balance the sweetness. Exceptionally mild, MyBlu Mango Apricot Liquidpods come two to a pack and each vape pod contains 1.5ml of regular ejuice.


Menthol MyBlu


A lively and icy flavor, MyBlu Menthol hits you with a rush of spearmint and peppermint. The chill flavor lingers after exhale. The regular ejuice formula in MyBlu Menthol has a potency of 2.4 percent. Each vape pod contains 1.5ml of ejuice and are sold two to a pack.


Cherry MyBlu


MyBlu Cherry is a spot-on take on sweet, plump, sun-ripened Maraschino cherries. There is a faint hint of tobacco on exhale, making this an excellent flavor choice if you are transitioning from cigarettes to vaping. Using regular nicotine, rather than nic salts, MyBlu Cherry still packs a nic strength of 2.4 percent.


Blueberry MyBlu


A rich and complex flavor, MyBlu Blueberry faithfully delivers the flavor of fresh blueberries. A more forward flavor than many of the other MyBlu Liquidpods, it delivers complexity and depth from inhale to exhale. A perfect choice for anyone who loves fruit vapes or is looking for a bold and balanced vape. MyBlu Blueberry is not a nic salt and has a nicotine potency of 2.4 percent.


Green Apple MyBlu


Another Von Erl veteran, MyBlu Green Apple has a crisp and sour taste that will remind you of a perfect Granny Smith apple. The tartness is upfront on inhale and exhale, but layers of sweetness balance the flavor.  MyBlu Green Apple is not a nic salt and has a nicotine strength of 2 percent.


Vivid Vanilla MyBlu


Known as Tabak Vanilla when sold under the Von Erl banner, MyBlu Vivid Vanilla satisfies your sweet tooth while delivering a rich and satisfying vaping experience. Using a standard ejuice formula, rather than a nic salt, there is a bit of a throat hit but overall the experience is smoothed out with the creamy vanilla flavor notes. There is a bit of tobacco flavor in the mix too, but the smooth vanilla dominates proceedings. A decent throat hit rounds out the experience, making this a great flavor for smokers looking to switch to vaping.


Juul versus MyBlu Winner


By cutting out all of their most popular flavors but Mint, Juul is fighting this battle with one hand tied behind their back. The selection of nic salt flavor options for the MyBlu give it a huge edge.


The nic salt potency of the MyBlu is slightly lower than the Juul but the greater power output of the MyBlu device offsets this difference. Although Vuse Mixed Berry remains my favorite prefilled pod on the market, the overall depth of the MyBlu liquidpod lineup makes it the odds on favorite in this matchup as well. But we will have to see which side has the winning formula after a closer examination.