Juul Virginia Tobacco Discontinued But Still Available

On May 8, 2020 it was announced that Juul Virginia Tobacco is no longer being manufactured. Vapor4Life still has Virginia Tobacco in stock as of the writing of this blog but this really is the last hurrah for this popular flavor.



As Virginia Tobacco is still available at Vapor4Life, we have not yet compiled a list of Virginia Tobacco alternatives but will do so shortly. Both the 3 and 5 percent strengths are still available in four packs and we will do our best to make sure that we keep this popular vape pod in stock as long as supplies last.



Best Juul Alternatives


Below we have a list of our guides to Juul alternatives. Obviously a lot has changed in the last year for Juul. There are no more compatible or flavored vape pods on the market. With the exception of Virginia Tobacco, which is still technically a flavor that would be permitted by the FDA and has rival flavors still available in prefilled pod form, your best options will be in the form of disposable vapes or a refillable vape pod kit with nic salts.


Either can match a Juul stride for stride in flavor and performance, and are better price performers. If you live in a state without additional flavor restrictions, they are available in the bright and delightful e-liquid flavors that adults prefer.




Juul Flavors


It has been a rough year for adult vapers who used the Juul refillable vape pod kit as their primary device. Linked forever in the public’s eye as the catalyst of the teen vaping epidemic, Juul’s first move las year was to stop making their mango flavor. Check out our feature on the Best Juul Mango Alternatives for more information on suitable replacements for this once popular e-liquid flavor.


The next shoe to drop was the removal of Juul compatible pods from the market. Although it looked like it might fly under the radar, Juul Mint was the next to go. It may have lacked the showy packaging or tropical fruit names that anti-vapers love to vilify but this was the most popular flavor with minors who vaped.


If you would like to learn more about the Juul device, check out our feature: The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed.



The Federal Flavor Ban put an end to all prefilled vape pod flavors that are not menthol or tobacco. This left Juul with just Menthol, Virginia and Rich Tobacco vape pods. But another impending blow, the Premarket Tobacco Authorization requirement, which hits in September has now knocked Virginia Tobacco out of the lineup as well.


Even the release of a CDC study into why kids vape, which found flavors were not the primary or even secondary motivation, the vaping flavors that adults prefer face potential elimination due to well-funded and ill-informed foes.