Juul vs Blow Vape Stix

Flavor Ban

Rumblings of an impending federal flavor ban threaten to snuff out a fast evolving vaping industry. This is unfortunate for a number of obvious reasons and strikes at a time when ejuice flavors are reaching the point of high art. The advent of potent nic salts has played a role in making disposable vapes one of the most effective and convenient conduits of the flavors that adults prefer. Although vape pods represented the first foray into the nic salts realm, disposables may be an even more logical platform for smooth and potent salt nic.

Juul has voluntarily pulled many of their most popular flavors off the market as a sop to regulators. Their partner Altria supports a vape flavor ban as well. The line of reasoning is fairly straightforward. Juul Mint, the most popular flavor with minors, would literally be last flavor standing and the FDA approved iQOS would only have to compete with tobacco flavored vapes.

There is a term for this sort of favorable reshuffling of the deck in favor of Big Tobacco and other massive stakeholders at the expense of smaller vaping businesses: regulatory capture.

Best Juul Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to your favorite Juul flavor, we have created several resource pages that examine the best options currently available on the market.

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Disposable Vapes

The newest entrant in the field is the Blow Vape Stix. If you are curious about the competition Blow Stix faces, do not miss our feature on the Best Disposable Vapes.

The disposable vapes market is stacked and the reason for the popularity of this style of product is obvious. They are competitively priced with prefilled vape pod kits, offer a wider range of flavors and tremendous performance. Nic salts have disposables an extremely satisfying alternative to the popular Juul. For a full breakdown of Juul and how it changed vapers preferences, check out our deep dive, “The Truth and Technology Behind Juul and Nic Salts Revealed.”

One of the primary weaknesses of the disposable design has also been addressed. Currently, most disposables are only available in a single nicotine strength. The exception is the Zaero Disposable which has four different nic strengths, which range from zero to 5 percent.

Here is our review of the Zaero Disposable. It was quite impressive as it offered as much flexibility as a refillable vape pod kit. For a review of the top refillable vape pod kits on the market, check out our comparison: The Top Ten Juul Alternatives.

The vaping experience provided by disposables is fairly consistent across the board, with some variation between designs. Generally speaking, they are tight drawing mouth to lung vaping devices. They are essentially silent and generate little vapor. The flavors are generally crystal clear and smooth, due to the use of nic salts. Personal preference will often boil down to flavor and nicotine options. Now it is time to take the Blow Vape Stix lineup for a spin and see how they stack up.

Blow Vape Stix

If you are a current Juul user, the Blow Stix will have a familiar look. Its dimensions are nearly identical to a Juul, with the size difference being measured in a couple of millimeters. But it does have an advantage in ejuice capacity, with 1.2ml versus 0.7ml in a Juul pod. The price per 30ml is roughly equivalent, so you are not being penalized for choosing a convenient one time use device. Blow Vape Stix have a nic strength of 5 percent. This is equal to the classic Juul.

The fit and finish of the Blow Vape Stix is excellent. It has an alloy shell, similar to the other stick style disposables on the market. But rather than a single color or black, the Blow Stix is covered in graphic art designs. In this regard, it is similar to the colorful SeaStix Disposable.

The Blow Disposable Vape Stix is powered by a 280mAh battery, which should be more than sufficient for the amount of juice it contains. The draw isn’t super tight, and you can generate a decent vapor cloud without working too hard.

All of this may sound like standard fare for a disposable and in many ways it is. Where the Blow Stix separates itself from the competition is the excellent flavor lineup, which contains several stalwarts and couple amazing and unique flavors.

Blow Stix Flavors

Mango Blow Disposable Vape Stix

Mango Blow Vape Stix is ready to rumble with the best mango nic salts on the market. The smooth mango nic salt in this disposable vape is more akin to a ripe mango than a mango candy. The inhale is quite flavorful and not overly sweet.

You get a sense of the complexity and ripeness of fresh mango, but the exhale is smooth and doesn’t have an overly tart aftertaste. The sweetness is well-modulated and this level of smoothness is possible thanks to the nic salt formula used in Blow Stix. There is a reason mango is a beloved vape flavor and this is a perfect Juul Mango alternative.

Pineapple Ice Blow Disposable Vape Stix

Pineapple Ice Blow Vape Stix will impress you with a tropical blast of sweet pineapple, tempered with a mild mint exhale. Pineapple Ice is Exhibit A for how good disposable vape flavors have gotten. The fruit elements are stunningly authentic, the menthol is mostly felt on exhale and with a cooling effect on the throat. The authenticity of the pineapple flavor tones and the menthol finish make are absolutely delightful. Bright and sweet, this is a flavor that will bring a smile to your face.

Deeeewy Blow Disposable Vape Stix


The flavor of the quintessential green citrus soda pop works perfectly as a vape juice.  Blow Vape Stix Deeeewy (spelled with four E’s), has not only accurately replicated the cool and smooth flavor of this legendary beverage, but there is an almost carbonated mouth feel on exhale.

Adding to the experience is a blast of ice on exhale. It manages to cool the throat without overwhelming the complex and nectary flavor. Like the pop that inspired it, the combination of fruit flavors is incredibly intricate and they meld together to form a distinct and unmistakable whole.

Donovan would never call this flavor Mellow Yellow, as it is simply too bright and flavorful.  Blow Disposable Vape Stix have a nic strength of 5 percent and each disposable contains 1.2ml of nic salt vape juice. Expect to get a couple hundred puffs from each disposable.

Grape Ice Blow Vape Stix

Grape Ice Blow Vape Stix delivers a fruit and candy vaping experience that menthol fans will also enjoy. The deep on complex flavors chosen by Blow Stix are really on display here. The candied grape is the dominant element but it is not overly sweet. The menthol is present from inhale to exhale but not overwhelming. Overall, Blow Stix Grape Ice delivers a strong flavor that is silky smooth. Some grape ejuices can be too artificial or conversely, too mousey and unassertive. Blow Stix has split the difference with a bold flavor which does not overwhelm.

Blueberry Raspberry Blow Vape Stix

Blueberry Raspberry Blow Vape Stix is a mild and smooth fruit vape. This is the least upfront and most delicate flavor they have. Whereas most of the Blow Stix flavors are bold and bright, Blueberry Raspberry brings subtlety and nuance. There are tart berry notes mixed throughout and a smooth, mild finish. Most of the sweetness is on inhale.

If you are looking for a bold candied kick and iced delights, Blow Disposable Vape Stix has plenty of options. This flavor was clearly formulated for all day vaping and is quite a bit more subdued than its stablemates. But fans of solid and not cloying mixed berry nic salts will find Blueberry Raspberry Blow Stix to be an outstanding option.

Green Apple Blow Vape Stix

Blow Vape Stix has two flavors that might be considered a bit milder than the others. One is Blueberry Raspberry Blow Vape Stix and the other is Green Apple. Mild and soothing does not equate with less enjoyable, however. Blow Vape Stix captures the essence of a perfectly ripe apple. The inhale is sweet and delicate. The tight draw of a disposable vape works great with this flavor. The exhale is authentically apple. Apples offer a wide range of complementary flavors and Green Apple Blow Vape Stix has paid homage to them all.

Final Thoughts

If you are willing to work around the single nicotine strength offered by Blow Stix, compared to Juul's two nic levels and the Zaero Disposable's four, it is a great alternative to a prefilled vape pod system.

The performance is comparable to a Juul and Blow Stix is more than a match in the flavor department.