Lemon Twist e juice Everybody loves fun flavors. They’re one of the big draws of vaping devices over traditional cigarettes. If your nicotine can remind you of your favorite tasty treat, it’s really a win-win. And flavor options for vape juice have increased tenfold since the early days of the first E-cigarette. Today if you can imagine it, you can vape it. If nic salts are more your speed, Twst Salt offers many of these same great flavors. Check out our review of Twst the Salt eliquids. Vapor4Life is now offering more flavors than ever. The ever-popular Lemon Twist has been added to the virtual shelves.

What’s the hype around Lemon Twist?

Lemon Twist eLiquids is a brand of E-liquid that offers an array of delicious flavors, all of them lemon-inspired. They’re like lemonade in a vaping device, perfect for the hot summer months, or anytime you’re craving something sweet with just a bit of tartness.  Vapor4Life can now hook you up with Lemon Twist’s best vape flavors. Each of these unique takes on classic lemonade is distinct, delicious, and well worth a taste test. A classic flavor for a reason, strawberry pairs wonderfully with lemon to get that perfect match of sweet berries and tart lemons. Nearly every sweet drink or candy has a strawberry flavor, and now E-juice does, as well. Another popular lemonade flavor. This pink, fruity lemonade E-juice seems like it might have come straight from a roadside lemonade stand. Is it raspberry? Strawberry? Sweetened cranberry? Pink Punch Lemonade is a delicious combination of all three, perfect for those who want a little of everything. A softer flavor that emphasizes sweetness. Not into the various red berries that flavor most sweet treats? No problem. Peach Blossom is a focused, crisp flavor crafted for those who like to be a little different. Take the summertime taste of watermelon with you all throughout the year. Wild Watermelon Lemonade is an E-juice flavor sure to remind you of those summer barbecues spent munching on watermelons and seeing who could spit the sees the farthest.

Flavors for every level of vaping

Lemon Twist is available in several different nicotine concentrations, so you can pair up your favorite flavor with the perfect hit. No worries about having to scale your nicotine up or down for the sake of flavor. Lemon Twist E-juice comes in 60ml containers.