This is a guest post written by Clover, a college student and vapaholic from the Midwest. Let's Talk About Juice, Baby. Alright, you've got your favorite handy-dandy V4L Diamond battery, the Slim Chargers, the Drip Tips, and all the other gadgetry. Now what? So many juice choices! Where to start? There's USA juice, WOW juice, Premium juice, and VG juice. What does that all mean? Well different PG/VG ratios for starters, but I'm no techie. For me it's about taste, throat hit, and vapor production. Flavor is most important to me, next being throat hit, and vapor production is least important, although I do love clouds! When I started out, I tried all the sampler packs. Pre-filled cartos are a good way to get an idea for a flavor, but the true flavor is in the juice. So when I would try a flavor I liked, I would buy the bottle. There is definitely a difference between pre-filled and filling your own with bottled juice. I highly recommend filling your own cartos with your favorite juices. Your taste buds will thank you! So What Do You Vape, Super Awesome Supreme Clover? Glad you asked. I love WOW Peppermint  at 24 mg and I am an addict. It's just
the bees knees for me. But for you €¦well to you it would probably taste really super bad so don't buy it €¦ok? Seriously €¦mine! You can have my runner-up favorites instead. Those would be the new USA juices. They rock my socks off! I can't decide which of them is my favorite. I have a flavor for every mood! Outlaw Apple  makes me feel like I'm a kid with candy. Bandit Berry makes me feel like I'm being naughty and really indulging in a sweet treat. V4L No.7 reminds me of a smooth analog and calms me when I'm remembering the stinkies. Black Jack is just yummy and very indulgent. Beach Bum takes me away from the flat lands and back to the beach of my  younger years living in Florida. OK €¦ I think you get the picture. The USA line is great. But that's not to say any of the other juices V4L offers are any less awesome. I have a stock pile of Premium and WOW juices. I never bothered with VG because I'm not allergic to PG and that's the main reason to vape it. If you are browsing flavors and wondering what to get, it just comes down to if it sounds good try it. You will probably like it. And hey if you don't like a flavor there are trade threads on ECF  and you can exchange it for something else. Or you can gift it to a friend. I have held on to a lot of juice over the last year and I like to revisit old flavors. But I just can't quit my precious WOW Peppermint juice. A fellow blogger, Morandir, reminded me about batch differences in one of his posts. Go check that out because each batch is kind of special. Vape on, you shining diamonds!