This is guest post written by Via, an e-cig enthusiast living in Jacksonville, Florida. My biological sister Tina was my best friend until I was 20. But one afternoon an auto accident took the lives of my dad, Tina, and a three-year  old child. I was heartbroken, and knew  life would never be the same. I went to live in a hole so deep there seemed to be no escape. I didn't care about anything except my pain, my loss, and my heartbreak. One of my cousins (I'll call her "Little Sister") had a busy life raising six children. Little Sister saw what I was going through, and cared enough to coax me out of the hole. She was gentle, kind, understanding and persistent. In spite of her own problems, she was always there when I needed her. We developed a friendship that was as precious as what Tina and I had shared, and over the years she's become less like a cousin and more like a sister. Although the pain of losing Tina was still in my heart, Little Sister helped me get to a point where I could bear it. One day I realized that there were times when Little Sister needed me as much as I needed her. 5 months ago I began vaping five months ago and told Little Sister all about it. As each day, each week and each month passed, I excitedly shared my accomplishments with her. Little Sister lost her job several months ago, and I knew money was very tight. I knew that in spite of the fact that she was spending money on cigarettes, she couldn't start vaping without a little help. Surprise package I told Little Sister to begin looking for packages in the mail. I sent her some supplies from my stash: a charger, auto Stealth, manual Diamond, silver eGo, 6ml  tank, 30ml  bottle of Vanilla Mocha Frappe, 30ml bottle of Coffee, and some pre-filled carts. I also went to the V4L web site and ordered a tobacco sampler pack, the coffee sampler pack and a few mega carts for the eGo. Three days later she received the packages. We talked on Skype and I explained each item. Within minutes she was happily vaping with the auto Stealth and a CoolCart. A few days later she was using the manual. She eventually learned how to fill the mega carts and use the eGo. Happy vapiversary!
Today is Little Sister's four-week  anniversary! Last week she tossed the pack of stinkies  she was saving "just in case". Now she doesn't worry about smelling like smoke when she goes on a job interview, doesn't have to go outside in the snow, rain, thunderstorms, and no one tells her she's smelly. I am so proud of Little Sister that I told her she doesn't have to worry about vaping supplies. All she needs to do is to tell me when her bottles of juice start getting low, or if she wants to try a new flavor. When I buy  a bottle of juice that I don't like, I send it to Little Sister to try. When I clean out my "stash", it goes to Little Sister. The $50 a month it takes to help her stay off stinkies is well worth the price. It is insurance that one day when we are "really old", we can sit together in our rocking chairs on the porch of her 110 year old Victorian house and vape away just as we have always dreamed we would. Via teaches marker rendering and Norwegian rosemaling. Contact her at [email protected], or read her personal blog at