Logic Pro Review

Logic Pro

The Logic Pro is a sturdy and easy to use e-cigarette that is designed with the ex-smoker in mind. Ease of use is clearly priority. And focusing on ease of use is always the right decision when it comes to vaping technology. While there will always be hobbyists, most adult vapers are just looking for an ease to use device that delivers great taste and satisfying performance. The Logic Pro certainly fits the bill and has the added advantage of being a top selling vape. This means that replacement capsules, the term they use for Logic Pro eliquid pods, and batteries are widely available.


Logic Pro Specs

The Logic Pro competes with the Juul, Vuse Alto, MyBlu and Blu Plus. But it is a beefier device. The 650mAh battery is significantly larger than its rivals. The 2.3ohm resistance coil falls about half way between the lower wattage coils in prefilled nic salt vape pod kits (Vuse Alto, Juul and MyBlu) and the 3 plus ohm resistance coils Cigalikes like the Logic Power and Blu Plus.

Category Logic Pro MyBlu Blu Plus+
Style Vape Capsule Vape Pod Cig-A-Like
Nic Salt Flavors 0 2 0
Nic Strengths 2% 1.2 to 4.0% 0 to 2.4%
Battery 650mAh 350mAh 140mAh
Coil Resistance 2.3ohms 1.3ohms 3.5ohms
Size 5.1 x 0.59 x 0.59" 4.2 x 0.71 x 4.8" 3.9 x 0.36 x 0.36"

The Logic Pro looks from a distance like a classic Ego ecig design. My first ecig was an Ego Twist, and the resemblance and form factor are undeniable. But unlike my refillable eGo, the Logic Pro uses prefilled Smart Capsules. These fit inside of the mouthpiece. There is no need for any filling or bottles.

The combination of larger battery and lower resistance is a very long lasting ecig and with surprisingly robust vapor production. The nic strength is also a bit of a compromise. The Logic Pro uses regular (freebase) nicotine with a strength of 20mg/ml. This is comparable to the lower nicotine offerings that Juul, MyBlu and Vuse Alto offer.

The Logic Pro is simply a smartly designed ecig with a prefilled tank design. With a 650mAh battery and tanks that hold 1.5ml of eliquid, the Logic Pro provides long lasting performance, robust vapor production and tremendous flavor. To fill your Logic Pro, all you need to do is pop in the capsule and puff. No messy refilling or leaky pods. The device itself is sleek and has a form factor that appeals to recent smokers and veteran vapers alike.

The Logic Pro is about 5 inches long. This makes it fractionally larger than its rivals. This is due to its bigger battery and the mouthpiece where the Logic Smart Capsules are snapped into place. The size difference isn’t huge and it is a light device which is nicely weighted and has a high-quality finish.

The Logic Pro recharges quickly with USB 3.0 technology. Like all prefilled pods and tanks, the Logic Pro is limited to tobacco and menthol flavors. But Logic did a tremendous job imparting authentic tobacco notes and cool menthol flavors into their outstanding eliquids.

The Logic Pro uses a 2.3ohm resistance coil which provides strong vapor production and the one button activation gives you greater control over your vaping experience. Logic Pro Capsules have a nic strength of 20mg/ml.


Refilling a Logic Pro

The Logic Pro is designed to compete with cigarettes on store shelves. And to do so, it has to be easy to use. The Logic Smart Capsule design certainly accomplishes this end.

  • Unscrew capsule case from battery and remove capsule.
  • Remove silicone stoppers from new capsule.
  • Insert capsule into capsule case.
  • Screw capsule onto battery
  • Use fire button to active and vape.

The components of the device screw into place with authority and have a high quality feel. Smart Capsules are designed avoids the endemic leaking that plagues many vape pods, both refillable and prefilled.

Vaping a Logic Pro

The Logic Pro is pretty good vapor production for a what is essentially a cigalike on steroids. The tapered mouthpiece is a throwback to the customized drip-tips of years gone by, ergonomically designed to fit the human mouth rather than packaged for ease of manufacture.

The battery was more than enough to last a day, comparable to a UWell Caliburn G in size but lasting much longer due to the lower resistance coils. The Smart Capsules contain 1.5ml of eliquid. This is competitive with the MyBlu and Vuse Alto, and significantly larger than a Juul or Blu Plus. From personal experience, it delivered more puffs than any of the above, although without the 5 percent nicotine option that nic salt vapers may desire.

The use of regular eliquids gives a solid, authentic throat hit and the draw is authentic and enjoyable. The vapor is relatively cool but the performance should be satisfactory for even veteran vapers. For adults who have been vaping for a while, the combination vape pod plus eGo Twist setup may seem to be a novelty at first. But it is a design that simply works and delivers great flavor. The cylindrical form is akin to a cigarette, even if the Logic Pro is not a pure Cigalike like the Blu Plus+ is. 


Logic Pro Flavors

Ease of use, long battery life, good vapor production and a sleek shape are all features that ecig manufacturers shoot for. But at the heart of any vaping device is flavor. Unfortunately, the federal government has banned all prefilled pod and cartridge flavors except menthol and tobacco. This denies the Logic Pro the sweet fruit and dessert flavors which most adults prefer.

But it is able to compete with its similarly hamstrung rivals with a menthol and tobacco flavor. These eliquid flavors are commonly the entry point for smokers switching to vaping for the first time. In other words, it is of paramount importance that the Logic Pro deliver sharp and authentic flavor.

Tobacco Logic Pro Smart Capsules

The draw and flavor of Tobacco Logic Pro closely mimics a cigarette. It is rich and earth. Using regular nicotine was a great call, as it delivers a nic throat hit as well.


Menthol Logic Pro Smart Capsules

The Menthol Logic Pro Smart Capsule packs the cool and crisp flavor that menthol lovers and ex-smokers demand. With robust vapor production and crystal clear flavor, it is easy to see how the Logic Pro became one of the hottest devices in vaping today. Authentic performance and ease of use make this bold menthol flavor even more enjoyable.