Lost Vape Orion DNA Go Is a Trailblazer

Vaping Revolution Has Come Full Circle With Pods

In terms of market penetration, advanced subohm box mods fueled by low nicotine e-juice have been supplanted by vape pods and potent nic salts. Compact and simple devices, the most popular vape pod systems don’t even have a button and are air activated. Somewhere in between these ends of the spectrum is the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go. It is an interesting device with an advanced chip, but the refillable Orion pods are sold separately. The approach of the typical vape pod harkens back to the second generation cartomizer stick battery rigs. They offer a tight draw, are easy to use and pack a nicotine punch. Many vape pod systems use pre-filled pods, which are akin to the pre-filled cartridges in devices like the Vapor Titan. The ability to discretely use vape pods has been blamed in part for the teen vaping epidemic. We recommend adhering to basic vaping etiquette before engaging in covert vaping ops in a bathroom stall. It is unlikely that the vaping industry will remain static. Juul has invested millions in a Bluetooth enabled device that can restrict user access and the use of compatible pods. Will the next advance in vaping revolve around smartphone apps and user tracking, or will hybrid devices that combine the best attributes of box mods and pod systems win the day? One thing is clear, devices clearly cannot become any simpler. Battery life and juice capacity requirements preclude a major reduction in size. The Smok SLM is no bigger than a pen. Any further shrinkage promises diminishing returns.

Are Pod Mods the Next Big Thing in Vaping?

This leaves the vape pod industry at a crossroads, and Lost Vape is hoping their trailblazing Orion DNA Go 40w is the next big thing. The positive response it has received from customers and reviewers demonstrates that there is pent up demand for a premium quality, all-in-one, refillable pod system. Whether you prefer mouth to lung vaping or direct to lung vaping, or demand only nic salt e-juices, the Orion DNA Go has you covered. The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go 40w is a true pod mod. There are two DNA Go pods to choose from, but no pods included in the kit. The first option is a nic salt friendly 0.5 ohm(Ω) pod. The other choice is hard hitting 0.25Ω pod that is optimal for standard e-juice. If the Orion DNA Go represents the future face of vaping, count me in.

Lost Vape Orion DNA Go 40w

The name, Lost Vape Orion DNA Go 40w, may be a mouthful but it gives you a good idea of what this device is all about: a 40w device with an upscale DNA Go chip. Although it is visually identical to the Orion Quest, the Orion DNA Go is considerably more sophisticated and powerful than its sibling. The Quest does not have the advanced Evolv manufactured DNA chip. Although less expensive, the Quest shares the same build quality and ergonomics of the Orion DNA Go. What it lacks is the advanced Escribe customization software and the top line performance of the DNA Go chip.

Evolv DNA Go Chip

Evolv’s DNA Go chip is the brains behind the whole Orion operation. The Escribe software suite allows you to access device settings on a desktop computer. This access provides a level of granularity that will satisfy the wonkiest vaping enthusiast. Keeping with the Pod Mod theme, this compact device has no screen. It just happens to have the flexibility of a full blown box mod. If you don’t have access to computer, you can still easily adjust the power output. There is a low, medium and high setting. As there is no screen, the power level and battery life are indicated with a colored light. The three power settings are not your only option. One of the Orion DNA Go's trademark features is a user-friendly and extremely effective Replay function.

Replay Function

To activate Replay, simply press the button and the DNA Go will save the settings necessary to replicate the previous hit you took. It is not a temperature control function but instead records all of the parameters. The best part of replay is that it mimics your personal preferences, no matter how conventional or bizarre those might be. Hit the sweet spot all day by taking advantage of the sophisticated Replay function.

The Pod in the Pod Mod

The Orion DNA Go simply screams high quality. It may be disposable, but the pod itself is worth examining. The first thing you will notice is how easy it is to check e-juice levels. The second thing that leaps out is that the pod is jam packed with high-end cotton. You have let the ejuice soak and steep into the cotton before use. The performance and flavor advantages provided by this thick cotton wicking are well worth the wait. The DNA Go has two pods to choose from. The 0.5Ω is designed for nicotine salts. It is lower resistance than your average nic salt vape pod. There is no loss of flavor and it hits smoothly, even with high nicotine. The other coil is a 0.25Ω for conventional freebase e-liquids. You may wonder if the lower resistance coils detract from the mouth to lung vaping experience but the drip tip's adjustable vent has you covered. You can dial the DNA Go down for a very restrictive and tight hit. Nic salt users looking for an authentic smoking experience will have no complaints. But it is just as easy to throw the vent open and use the 0.25Ω pod to produce some pillowy clouds. The 40w power output comes in handy because it opens up serious subohm performance when the low resistance coil is installed. The Orion DNA Go has exemplary performance with both coils, but the 950mAh battery will last longer if you go the high resistance, nic salt route. The built-in battery can charge in only 45 minutes according to the manufacturer. Not bad for a device that is about the size of a pack of smokes. The pod itself is expected to last 7-14 days. You may be able to drag even more time out of it depending on your usage patterns. The fill port is huge and screws firmly into place, a silicone flip up door or rubberized stopper would be out of place on a design this sturdy. Most impressive of all is the 2ml capacity. It is not too far removed from a tank in terms of performance range and size.


The Orion looks amazing. In images, it is reminiscent of a miniaturized police radio or walkie-talkie in some of the plainer color schemes. In person, its petite size and heft bursts that illusion. In gold, it looks more like a zippo lighter than something lugged around by mall security. The overall look and feel really pop in person. Pictures do not do the Orion justice. There is a whimsical Ocean Scallop theme if you want to add another dash of color to the handsome Orion DNA Go. Once the pod is snapped into place, this pod mod is all business. The machine crafted feel is a sharp departure from its less expensive rivals. Another interesting feature is that it is sold with lanyard. This may seem to be a bit much, but this is a very cool device and worth showcasing. Storing a device around your neck isn’t necessarily a bad idea in light of the lint and schmutz that can collect in pockets and purses.

Priming Your Orion Pod

Orion provided some useful step-by-step instructions for getting the most out of their pod system. These pointers may sound like common sense, but they are worth outlining in detail. Here are the factory recommendations.

  • Saturate the wicking material: Open the refill cap, fill the tank with eliquid and close the refill cap.
  • Take 5 long draws without firing: Close the airflow control ring completely. Take 5 long draws without activating the fire button to siphon e-liquid from the tank into the cotton. However, do not take too deep or strong of draws, as it could cause coil to flood.
  • Break-in the coil: After the coil has been primed, start vaping at the low power setting and take shorter hits for the first 10 puffs, gradually increase power and puff duration as the vapor becomes more dense. Now the pod is properly primed and ready to use.

The Upshot

The next step logical step for pod systems is to increase performance to tap into the amazing nic salt flavors on the market. Performance is what the Lost Orion DNA Go is all about. It is the Ferrari of Pod Mod and is sold at a different price point because its technology is on another level. If you are looking for a less expensive pod system that also has subohm capabilities, the Smok Nord is an outstanding option. But keep in mind that the lowest resistance coil it has available is 0.6Ω. We reviewed the Nord here. If you want a refillable vape pod and subohm does not matter, we covered the Smok Novo versus Smok Nord argument in detail as well. The Smok Novo is the elder statesman at this point but is great for nic salts. The Aspire Breeze 2 is also a capable refillable vape pod, but the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go is in an entirely separate category.