Keep Smoking with the Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cig     Vapor4Life’s mission is to make products for smokers. Our founder, Steve SMILIN Milin loves to smoke. He invested four years and millions of dollars to create a simple and effective way to satisfy ALL smokers. Steve engineered, patented, and produced his very own products to satisfy his own biggest critic (and former five-pack-a-day smoker) himself. This is to provide smokers with a satisfying and effective way to keep smoking, only smarter. In fact, Steve hasn’t touched a tobacco cigarette since 2008, but he says he still smokes every day. Now you can too, with our V4L disposable e-cig. FACT: Half of all smokers in America have tried vapor cigarettes. The problem is that the products they tried didn’t replicate the smoking experience, or come close to satisfying a true smoker. Once Steve invented his own solution, he made Vapor4Life’s simple two-step process to help serious smokers just like him. It worked for him. It worked for me. We guarantee it will work for everybody who is serious about finding smoking satisfaction with products that are 95-99% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, according to Public Health England and other experts. STEP 1: WOW VAPOR Disposable: World’s #1-Rated Disposable E-Cig Get a Vapor4Life WOW disposable tobacco or menthol e-cigarette for $1 by using promo code STEPONE.  Here are some things that set our e-cigarettes above the rest:
  • 9 out of 10 focus group participants preferred Vapor4Life’s disposable e-cig over blu or NJOY
  • Equal to more than a pack and a half of cigarettes
  • 2.6% nicotine delivers the throat hit smokers want
  • Soft tip feels like a cigarette filter
  • Like paying 10 cents per cigarette
That’s right, Vapor4Life wants you to use our two-step process to keep smoking. Wouldn’t you love to find a way to smoke with no tar, no tobacco, nothing ash, no stinky cigarette smell on your clothing? It’s less harmful and more satisfying.   Many customers stick with our disposable e-cig. Others move on to Step 2, which we’ll talk about in an upcoming blog. Like us on Facebook to stay tuned!