Should I Lower the Nicotine Level in my Vape Flavor?
Mels Blog By Melanie S  Milin One of the many questions we get from former smokers-turned-vapers in our vape shops and in our call centers is “Should I lower my nicotine level?” We have always believed in providing options for our customers, because everyone is different.  We find that we can help our customers best if they answer a few questions.
  1. Do you intend to stop vaping eventually?
Then our answer would be a qualified yes.  We recommend reducing one e Juice strength at a time, and stay there for about two weeks before taking the next step.  As you lower the strength, you will find your body adjusting          to the lower level and your satisfaction will continue. If your body still craves nicotine, slow the process down, or start over.  The last thing you want to do is go back to combustible cigarettes.  When you are finally ready to            take the step from 0.4mg to 0mg, you can then make the decision to quit entirely, or continue to enjoy your vaping.
  1. Do you feel like you are getting too much nicotine?
We recommend a lower strength if you experience headaches, being lightheaded, sense of fast heartbeat, nausea or a throat hit or chest hit that is too harsh. We’ve found that every vaper has their preferred level, so here is how our 7 nicotine strengths sell, over thousands of customers. eJuice Nicotine Strength Chart  
  1. Are you trying to get more flavor from your e Juice?
It’s true that the flavor in lower nicotine e Juice is better.  It makes sense, because nicotine adds a little harshness, a little throat hit and a little chest hit.  That’s why so many people start their vaping journey on higher         strengths of nicotine to replace the cigarette hit. Our customers who use the lower nicotine strengths are often just vaping for the pure pleasure and satisfaction of their favorite fruit, dessert or candy flavor. Have you reduced your nicotine level?  Share your story here and help others who are trying to do the same!