switch to vaping LIVING TOBACCO FREE WITH VAPOR4LIFE PART THREE – How Vapor4Life Can Help You Make The Transition       In our previous articles, we looked at why it is important to live tobacco free. However quitting is easier said than done, because it is the very design of traditional cigarettes that make quitting a near impossible task. So let’s look at 5 Ways Vapor4Life Makes It Easier to Switch to Vaping –
  • We Make Disposables – While many of the current disposables on the market disappoint in flavor or vapor power, V4L’s disposable has been called the best disposable on the market by SpinFuel This is a great transitional product available in multiple nicotine levels in both Tobacco and Menthol.
  • The Vapor Zeus –The Vapor Zeus Starter Kit is the most powerful and intuitive vaping device on the market. The Zeus’s automatic battery produces consistent vaping power that delivers the kind of consistent throat hit that transitioning smokers are looking for.
  • Flavor – The Vapor4Life team has created an amazing 150 flavors in up to six nicotine levels to help crush your cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Community Support – From our knowledgeable to staff to our customers who are always on our forums, V4L is always there for you on every step of your journey to a tobacco free lifestyle.
  • Refer-A-Friend – At Vapor4Life, we have a program that rewards you for bringing your friends and family into our V4L community. At V4L for every customer you refer who makes a $50 purchase from Vapor4Life.com, we will give you a $20 credit for your next purchase.