This is a guest vaping testimonial written by Michelle, who loves writing, vaping, and testing new products. Hello V4L family! My name is Michelle and I go by the name chimchim on the ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum). As kids, my brother and I loved watching Speed Racer. My favorite character was Chim Chim. I smoked for over 30 years having started as a very young kid.   I thought it was cool. My dad, and all of my aunts and uncles smoked. It took me a long time to quit. On April 18 this year,  I ordered my Ultimate Ultimatum Starter Kit and haven't looked back since. A little over a month ago, I suffered a great loss when my mom passed away. In spite of losing my best friend and greatest fan, I am so proud that I have not "fallen off the wagon." It has been the most heart-breaking and stressful time in my life.   I am still vaping away but my juice intake has doubled. One thing that made my mom very happy in the final months of her life was that I put down the analogs. I am so glad I could give that to her. My favorite juice flavors include: WOW 555, WOW Waffle, WOW Nuport, WOW Wowboy Peppermint, WOW Wowboy, and WOW White Chocolate. I prefer WOW cartomizers, manual batteries, and love using my USB passthrough. In my free time I enjoy wine tasting, blogging, reading, shopping, gardening, the outdoors, and cooking. My specialties include: homemade spaghetti sauce; crab and artichoke dip; stuffed mushrooms; chicken marsala; chicken with lemon, mushrooms and capers; and two Hungarian dishes cabbage and noodles; and chicken paprikash. From  my home in Georgia I handle all client relations for my company, and train others over the Internet. I'm single and don't have any children.  Some interesting things about me are that I started learning the German language in 3rd grade, I have watched "Days of our Lives" since kindergarten, and I planned my 25th high school reunion. I am really excited to share my thoughts, experiences and love of vaping with you!  Blessings...Michelle
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