Menthol Ecigs: Logic Pro versus Blu Plus

Menthol Ecigs: Logic Pro versus Blu Plus

The federal ban on prefilled vape pod flavors knocked out a huge range of options for adult vapers. Cigalikes, prefilled cartridges and sundry other devices that do not requiring filling are now available in only tobacco and menthol flavor. And when we say menthol, we mean menthol. There are no minty iced vapes slipping in under the radar. The prefilled menthol flavors left on the market are designed to taste like menthol cigarettes.

In a previous edition, we compared the tobacco ecigs offered by the Logic Pro and Blu Plus+


Tale of the Tape

First for a quick breakdown of the technical specifications of these popular ecigs. 

Category Logic Pro Blu Plus+
Style Vape Capsule Cig-A-Like
Nic Salt Flavors 0 0
Nic Strengths 2% 0 to 2.4%
Battery 650mAh 140mAh
Coil Resistance 2.3ohms 3.5ohms
Size 5.1 x 0.59 x 0.59" 3.9 x 0.36 x 0.36"


Logic Pro

The Logic Pro is the much larger and more powerful of the two ecigs reviewed. It has a 650mAh battery, a coil resistance of 2.3ohms and a nic strength of 2 percent. It shares its appearance with a classic eGo style cartomizer. But unlike the popular ecig design, is not refillable. Instead, the Logic Pro uses a unique Vape Capsule design. Vape capsules are prefilled and simply inserted into the hollow mouth piece. Here is an illustration that demonstrates how you insert and swap Logic Pro Vape Capsules.

As the more powerful of the two devices, the Logic Pro generates a lot more vapor. As it uses regular nicotine, and not nic salts, it also has a nice and authentic throat kick. The vapor is not particularly warm but otherwise closely mimics the flavors of tobacco and menthol, depending which flavor you prefer.


Menthol Logic Pro

You will not mistake the Menthol Logic Pro for a minty nic salt. It was formulated with the menthol cigarette smoker in mind and delivers menthol tobacco flavor in every puff. Interestingly, despite the cooling effect of the menthol, this flavor has a stiffer throat hit than the regular tobacco. The menthol doesn’t taste too chemically or overdone. Instead, it retains an herbal essence that will remind you of an actual cigarette. If you are a menthol smoker and looking to switch to vaping and want a device that is widely available and requires no filling, the Menthol Logic Pro should be very high on your list. If menthol is not your speed, there is always Logic Pro Tobacco.  



Blu Plus+

The Blu Plus+ is a classic cigalike which has been upgraded a bit for the modern vaper. Unlike the Logic Pro, which is basically a vape-pod and eGo mash-up, there is no mistaking the classic ecig roots of the Blu Plus.

But there has always been much to recommend for the cigalike design, which is one reason they remain popular with ex-smokers. The size and shape are very to an actual cigarette. The draw is tight like a real cigarette. And the use of stronger freebase nicotine rather than nic salts gives the Blu Plus+ a nice throat hit.

The high-resistance coil of the Blu Plus+ helps it last a lot longer than you would expect, in terms of both ejuice burned and battery life. While on paper it is overshadowed by the larger Logic Pro, the battery life is perfectly competitive with prefilled vape pod kits.


Menthol Blu Plus+

If you are looking for a minty cigalike, you are barking up the wrong tree. This is a flavor designed with menthol cigarette smokers in mind. There are multiple nic strengths but the 2.4 percent has the strongest throat bite. The high resistance coil is never going to be mistaken for a subohm cloud-chucker but the vapor production is satisfactory. No one is getting a Blu Plus to pull off vaping tricks. It is for smokers looking for the easiest to use and most convenient ash and smoke free nicotine delivery system. And the Blu Plus+ certainly delivers on this front.

The cooling of the menthol really cleans the palate and the overall richness of the tobacco is present but smoothed out under a layer of mint. For smokers who just want pure tobacco and no menthol, there is always the Tobacco Blu Plus.


Final Thoughts

The size and power advantage of the Logic Pro over the Blu Plus is fairly significant. While cigalike fans will prefer the Blu Plus, from a vapor production and performance perspective the Logic Pro has a pretty big edge. In terms of flavor, the Blu Plus Menthol boasts an impressive throat hit for its size but it is simply overmatched in ejuice capacity, vapor production and battery life. While the Blu Plus acquits itself well and may be the perfected article when it comes to cigalikes, the eGo inspired Logic Pro is in a different category. We will see how the Logic Pro fares next week when it picks on somebody its own size, as we deep-dive the Logic Pro versus the Vuse Vibe. 

Prefilled Vape Pods

If you are looking for a prefilled tobacco ecig but prefer nic salts, there are several options: the Vuse Alto, MyBlu and Juul. All have excellent tobacco and menthol flavors. Another device that is perhaps more comparable to the Logic Pro is the Vuse Vibe. We will be comparing these two ecigs head to head next week.