This is a guest post written by Michelle, who loves writing, vaping, and testing new products. When I began vaping I gave myself the chance to try as many flavors as I could.   I wanted to set myself up for success and find my "go-to flavor."   Plus, I was flat-out curious how it would be to vape certain tastes.   I purchased many sampler packs, from coffee flavors to desserts, and menthols to tobacco-flavored.   One group that I could never really get into was the fruits. I gravitated toward the others.
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Now, that doesn't mean the fruit flavors aren't good. It's simply a matter of opinion, like with food.  Everyone has their preference. I don't like eating legumes or green peppers.   I find I have a consistency issue with all things "beany" and feel that green peppers contaminate everything they touch! When Vapor4Life's new USA-made flavors came out, I immediately gravitated towards the V4L No. 7 (I call it "Chanel No. 7"  - it's that good). I also really like Peacemaker Peppermint.   But, I decided to give the fruit flavors a shot based on the rave reviews they were receiving on the ECF.   I ordered three of them and want to share my experiences with you. BANDIT BERRY Based on my past feelings about fruit vapes, I had a wall up about this flavor even before I tried it.   I just knew I'd hate it.   I opened the bottle and smelled it.  It smelled just like one of those Dum Dums "Blu Raspberry" suckers. I still had a bunch of those suckers hanging around my office from the last time I tried to quit smoking. I got to know that flavor very well, as well as gaining 10 pounds and having a perpetual sugar buzz!  The taste was unbelievably tart and sweet, and tasted just like the sucker!   I really enjoy vaping Bandit Berry and would order it again. It's definitely a hit in my book! OUTLAW APPLE Now this is one delicious vape!   The apple taste is so crisp and clean.   I love it in part because it doesn't taste like apple pie.   I think its perfect for fall and Thanksgiving vaping!
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BEACH BUM In one word: Aye-Maye-Zing!   This one is hands-down my favorite!   I liken it to a coconut rum and pineapple juice adult beverage without the rum.   It has a wonderful throat hit and a sweetness. When vaping it, it puts me on a beach somewhere sunny and tropical with cabana boys at my beck and call.   You must try this flavor!   I was very skeptical at first, because pineapple is not one of my favorites.   I would have really missed out if I wasn't open-minded. Fellow vapers out there, the key here is to not shut yourself off from certain juices.   Always be open to trying new flavors.   If it's not your thing, then use the swap thread on the ECF or pay it forward to a fellow vaper in need.   What have you got to lose? Blessings....Michelle Connect with Michelle on Twitter @jstacatholicgrl.